So i herd u liek emotes?? Volume 3

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By Synfull
Welcome to this weeks volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the third volume in a series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote resources.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. :ninja: by Waluigi-Prower
:ninja: by Waluigi-Prower is the first of this weeks featured emotes. It combines very smooth animation, great shading and a nice idea to make a very good looking emote.

2. :ftw: by luckylinx
:ftw: by luckylinx is another excellent emote submitted. The shading on this emote is excellent and although the motion is small, it is well executed, creating an excellent and amusing emoticon.

3. :musicnote: by Jenya88
:musicnote: by Jenya88 is a great little emote saying the artist hasn’t been making emotes very long. The idea is very original and the motion quite smooth making this a cute little emote.

4. Multiplication and division by ScreamingGerbil
Multiplication and division by ScreamingGerbil is another nice emote submitted to the gallery this week. This is a great example of a revamp of a DA legend emote, with brilliant shading and a smooth loop of animation, giving it a place in this weeks featured emotes.

Distance by Red-Bananas is a amazing emote. It is a fine example of how a large amount of emotion can be displayed in two small emoticons. The way the emotes reach out to try and touch hands displays a real connection between the emotes and you can’t but feel sorry for them being separated by a distance

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

:thumb101766890: top of the world by MenInASuitcase BRAINS Glomp by TheRockster :thumb101528135: Pirate w00t by Masna0 Happy Halloween by MyrthJ Mopping the Floor... or not. by forestsofazarath

:bulletgreen: Featured tutorials </u> :bulletgreen:

Emote shading tutorial - Emoticon Tut by Ravmaster by Ravmaster

Animation tutorial - More Advanced Emotes for GIMP by popcorn-pops by :dev popcorn-pops:

:bulletblue: Featured emote project</u> :bulletblue:

Emoticon projects are a great way to start emoticons, get you noticed within the emoticon community and meet other emoticonists. This week’s featured project is Cemetery project by Oktanas

Cemetery project by Oktanas

The aim of the project is to build a graveyard full of hallowe’en related emotes. The background can be downloaded here -->… for you to build your addition to the project on. :

:bulletpurple: Hallowe’en feature</u> :bulletpurple:

As hallowe’en is fast approaching I felt it would be nice to display a range of hallowe’en related emotes submitted to dA at any point :aww:

:scare: by LeoLeonardo Reaper Emote by NamelessBot :halloweenfella by Gomotes :ghost: by Katrinz0r :thumb67345298: candy by MenInASuitcase trick by MenInASuitcase

:bulletblack: Notes</u> :bulletblack:

Thank you for reading. If you would like to suggest an emoticon, tutorial, project or question for any future volumes then don’t be afraid to note my Synfull account with the details. Thanks


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes :bulletwhite:

Volume 1
Volume 2
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Jenya88's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :glomp:
Synfull's avatar
:lol: like 3 year out of date article
Jenya88's avatar
Haha, yeah. :P

I left DA around 2007 or 2008, life got really busy. :)

Back now though, and trying to catch up on everything. :dance:
FlameStreak3's avatar
i type it in but it wont post, please help!
Synfull's avatar
That only works if the emotes are official and on the legend list here: [link]

For info on using other emotes check out this tutorial: [link]
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great news article :B I very much enjoyed readin it :)
Synfull's avatar
Glad to know :)
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Oktanas's avatar
nice selection and description on every emote
and thanks for featuring my project
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forestsofazarath's avatar
Thank you for the feature, and keep up the good work!! ^^

I'm loving these news/features. =]
Synfull's avatar
No problem :highfive:

Thank you :)
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ishizusv's avatar
Great features! I loved the first Halloween featured emote, it really made me laugh
MyrthJ's avatar
Ohmygosh,, thats MY emote :O :wow:
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Stemoticon's avatar
Keep up these articles they rock!
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