So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 123

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Welcome to the latest volume of so i herd u liek emotes??. This is the 123rd volume in a fortnightly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past few weeks from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring emote projects, contests and news.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons :bulletred:

1. Your call is important to us by pjuk
Your call is important to us by pjuk really captures how people feel when placed on hold. The simple animation works well with the emote’s expression to create a cute little emoticon.

2. :thumb251383258:
dA emote community by LedMaiden is an adorable representative of the emote community. The full spectrum of colours just goes to show how varied our community is and the wave of bouncing really catches your eye. Be sure to look past the preview.

3. Member of the Community Stamp by PokeartKid
Member of the community stamp by PokeartKid is a brilliant stamp for any emoticonist. The emotes used are simple but effective and the fun border gives the impression of a linked chain of emotes.

:bulletorange: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletorange:

Toaster by Phlum :casting-spell: by EmersonShaffer Seth shootin' a zombie by bigfunkychiken iEi by Colorcatcher :thumb251690989: Back to emotes -- New Base v2 by bigfunkychiken :cakerun: by Katuend Happy dA Birthday by Blue-Berry-Boy Fella the Gate Crasher by Lushbob GLITTER by elicoronel16 :thumb251510493: Present Entry by seraphimous Wizard Moonheart? by VollyLikesChocolate July EMTC Entry - Pets by Kyramy Opposites Collab: Katataetc by Kyramy Collab opposites by KatataEtc C4 Tree by ROBlNHOOD Confused and Dizzy by greenafire Pixel vamPirate by SparklyDest Thinking of you... by a-kid-at-heart Bumping Heads by bigfunkychiken :dice: by Jibodeah Mailbag Project Entry by Colorcatcher Fancehh by Scorpion81 Emoticon Community by fear-the-brilliance Bunny sleep by Pandora-Desdemona emo balloon plz by kupat I can sing a rainbow... by Sakkeru :thumb251381299: dA Emoticon Community by horber95 Caption-Contest: Emote2 by Krissi001 :thumb246938863:

:bulletyellow: Featured projects :bulletyellow:

Mailbag project

inoner has started up a Mailbag project. Emoticonists can create a postcard to add to the mailbag and show what fun emotes are getting up to around the world. It’s a fun project, so consider joining in.

Family Tree Project

Indae and ClefairyKid have started up a new project to create a family tree for the emote community. It sounds like a unique project, so check out the news article for more info.

:bulletblue: Legend news :bulletblue:

We have a couple of small emote legend announcements to make. Firstly, we have 2 new emotes on the legend:

:wormnomnom: -> :wormnomnom:

:leetcrab: -> :leetcrab:

Secondly, there has also been a facelift on the legend to give it a more up to date appearance. You can check out the announcement here

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard :bulletpurple:

- Krissi001 has featured all of the entries into the ‘opposites’ collab event in a neat news article. You can find it here

- Volume 34 of Amazing Emoticonists has been released. Check it out on this page

- The Emotional Emoticons series has been restarted with 2 new articles. Take a look at editions 19 and 20

- With the change in month we have a change in EMTC contes. You can check out the winners of July’s contest here and the theme for August  here

- You can also catch up on July’s DDs on this page

- A new volume of Random Emote Awesomeness has also come out recently. You can grab a copy here

- You have a day left to get your critiques in for BlissfullySarcastic’s 2 part contest. You can find the rules and the list of winners for part 1 in this jounal

- To keep up to date with the Emote Teams progress (new members, current projects, team size update) check out this blog

- EmoteOCs’ pageant contest is now closed and official judging has begun. They have also opened up a ‘People’s Choice’ award for the best overall entry and the best first round entry. You check them all out and cast your vote visit this page

- One of our main emote groups (Emoticiety) has recently passed 1000 members and held a contest to celebrate. The winner has now been announced here. Also go say congrats on their member milestone :happybounce:

- The Emote Team communication group emoticon-clubhouse is looking for a new avatar. There are some nice prizes up for grabs, so check out the info in this journal

- Krissi001 held some fun events to help celebrate dA’s birthday within the emote community. So please swing by her page and say thanks if you enjoyed the events. You can also find the winners of the quiz here, the caption contest here and the chat event here

- The latest EmoticonOpus contests has recently finished and the winners have been announced. You can find the results on this page

- yarjor is running a contest with the theme of ‘contests’. The deadline has been extended to 24th August so here is still time to make an entry. The rules can be found here

- And a new group for Animal emotes has just started up. So go check out animotes if you’re interested.

:phew: Just a bit of news


:bulletblack: Previous volumes :bulletblack:

Volumes 1-117
Volume 118 - 29th May 2011
Volume 119 - 11th June 2011
Volume 120 - 24th June 2011
Volume 121 - 10th July 2011
Volume 122 - 23rd July 2011
© 2011 - 2021 Synfull
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SparklyDest's avatar
So many great emotes, so much information...

And now we bounce!

KatataEtc's avatar
thnks for featuring :'D
Synfull's avatar
DryBones44's avatar
Just saying it here, but a lot of my contestants entries are ending up on this page. :)

:clap: I guess Antimotes is the other newest emoticon group on the list along with #Emotitars
Synfull's avatar
Sign of a good contest theme :)
Sakkeru's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! It made my day.
catluvr2's avatar
 ­ ­ ­ :la::leetcrab::la:
chrsfaria's avatar
I didn't even know that there were legend emotes! :omfg: :wormnomnom: :leetcrab: :DEVlANT:

I don't like the :leetcrab:! It seem useless. :saddummy:
Synfull's avatar
I think all are pretty useless, but i reckon they are practices to do with the ew emote system
chrsfaria's avatar
Yeah... probably :|
I-is-smart's avatar
its based on certain deviants avatars i beleive and its fun :lol:
Phlum's avatar
YOU'RE WRONG. There are, in fact, three new emotes (though one isn't on the legend :XD:)

The third is :DEVlANT: :DEVlANT:
Synfull's avatar
Then its not on the legend. Just like :wheat: and :llama:. They aren't legend emotes either :B
Phlum's avatar
Llama isn't on the legend?
I'm sure it used to be...:hmm:
Synfull's avatar
I think it was at one point, but was removed cos its so big. So now its a usable emote not on the legend
Phlum's avatar
Ah. That makes sense.

In that case they really should replace it with =Caeser1993's llama :shakefist:
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