So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 121

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Welcome to the latest volume of so i herd u liek emotes??. This is the 121st volume in a fortnightly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past few weeks from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring emote projects, contests and news.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:bulletred:

1. expressionmehm by LedMaiden
As an emoticonist that struggles with expressions, i’m in awe of expressionmehm by LedMaiden. Each of the characters have been brilliantly made with awesome individual expressions which are easy to relate to

2. :thumb215829360:
It was hard to stop my jaw hitting the floor when i first saw Emoticon Amusement Park by Mirz123. The detail in the deviation is outstanding with fluent animation from start to finish. It’s hard to peel your eyes away from and definitely worth full viewing.

3. :thumb216604410:
As someone taht has recently tried out minecraft, i had to giggle at Too Much Minecraft by Czar-the-Dragon. It’s cute and nicely made and really sums up how a minecraft addict feels.

:bulletorange: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletorange:

My new pet... c: by Scorpion81 Mystery Machine by Indae Banned by Fella by Griffinite :Ibanyou: by stuck-in-suburbia Heroic Revamp by Wooded-Wolf I think it's dead by Colorcatcher Firefox :revamp: by Sincay Monster's Pet by Xelioth Teh Top Hat Monstah by ROBlNHOOD :thumb215772446: Seaside Sun by PokeartKid :wisecrack: by iiKaptain This is My Teddy Bear by AutumnOwl A small pink emote. by nikkittie My Vacation by yarjor Dance game by donkirk O_O by Lushbob :innocent: revamp v1 by BlissfullySarcastic Orbit by xxghost250xx Week 1 by Kyramy :thumb214872509: Men Working ahead... by donkirk :thumb217275568: :thumb217027855: Jealousy by IceXDragon :thumb216982578: Wilhelm the Monster Rider by SanguineEpitaph :thumb216756577: Far but friends by Katuend :nightswing: by BenediktXVII :thumb216591390: :thumb216577325: Cops have arrived by Oktanas Just one more... XD lol by Shenok BluhBluh by Droneguard

:bulletyellow: Featured projects:bulletyellow:

Highway project


Mirz123 has started up a new fun project on a highway theme. You’re able to design emotes on some sort of transport theme to join the convoy of other vehicles. Check out the deviation for more information

Support stamp project

Emoticonists Support Stamp by Phlum

I know i have promoted this before, but i feel it deserves another pimp in this article. A project has been started up to create a new emoticonist support stamp by accepting frames created by the community. Its a fantastic project, so check it out and consider joining it.

Emote Puzzle

Emoticon puzzle - REOPENED by AidanAsha

Nironan12 recently reminded the community that this awesome project hosted by AidanAsha is still open. It would be brilliant to get the last few entries in to finish the epic puzzle. So swing by the deviation make an entry.

:bulletgreen: Guest section:bulletgreen:

This week’s guest section has been compiled by Phoenix667 :aww:. I’m looking for more guest section writers. If you’re interested let me know!


Unexpected emotes!

You didn't saw that one coming, huh?

Hat Trick by Xelioth Super fart by Droneguard :power-phonecall: by LeoLeonardo :w00t: seriously wtf by nickeatworld SUPAH POWAS by LedMaiden :swing: by LeoLeonardo did you just pull my eye out? by Colorcatcher You're in my heart... by Zmann966 :pie: by LeoLeonardo No icon free icon by LedMaiden :carnivorouscake: by ROBlNHOOD Evil demons  D: by LedMaiden :Fishing: by DEVlANT The World of Golf by DEVlANT

:bulletblue: Legend news:bulletblue:

It looks like the emote community has made quite an impression on some $taff at hq as we’ve been blessed with another legend update only a month after the last. This time 5 new emotes have been added and 7 older emotes have been removed to keep our legend looking a little more up to date

New emotes

:happybounce:  -> :happybounce:   by jamal1
:squee: -> :squee: by CookiemagiK
:hooray: -> :hooray: by Gomotes
:shifty: -> :shifty: by CookiemagiK
:stinkeye: -> :stinkeye: by Scorpion81

Removed emotes

Check out the official journal here:… for a list of removed emote (As they no longer show in comments ... and i can’t remember all of their codes >.> )

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard :bulletpurple:

- With June now behind us, Krissi001 has posted a nice round up of winners from all of last month’s contests. Take a look at them in this article

- Mirz123 has posted another article in her Random Emote Awesomeness. You can grab a copy here

- The results from the emote revamp contest have been announced. You can check out the winners on this page

- Nironan12 has a nice round up of events and projects in the community. You can find it here

- Be sure to take a look at the next volume in the ‘Top 10’ series found on this page

- Krissi001 has also posted a roundup of last month’s DDs which can be found here

- Don’t forget you have until 15th July (Friday) to get your entries in for R3 of the OC pageant.

- The winners of round 1 of BlissfullySarcastic’s multi-round contest have been announced and round 2 has begun. You can find out more on this page

- There has also been a change in EMTC. The winners of the Vacation contest can be found here and the rules of the new Pets contest here

- Mirz123 has started up a new concept of ‘Emote Teams’ in the community to encourage better involvement, communication and sharing of experience between members. She is making a list of people interested, so if you want to find out more or sign up head over to this journal


:bulletblack: Previous volumes:bulletblack:

Volumes 1-115
Volume 116 - 23rd Apr 2011
Volume 117 - 11th May 2011
Volume 118 - 29th May 2011
Volume 119 - 11th June 2011
Volume 120 - 24th June 2011
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