So i herd u liek emotes?? Volume 1

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By Synfull
This is the first in a possible series of Emote based news articles. Dependant on how this first article is received I will consider producing them on a regular basis with the time period between each yet to be decided.

So what is this news article about? It's about promoting the artwork of some of deviantART's emoticonists. I hope to include a variety of emoticons that have been submitted to the emoticon gallery recently. I don't wish to focus just on the already well know emoticonists, but also help bring some exposure to new emoticonists joining the community.

In each article I will find 5-10 good quality emotes that I feel should be featured to gain more exposure, as well as a range of other emotes posted into the gallery over the past week. I will also highlight a few of the great emoticon tutorials available on dA made by emoticonists to help out any deviants that wish to try their hand at an emoticon now or sometime in the future. I will also aim to include a few frequently asked questions about emotes and the emoticon gallery and answer them the best I can.

If you have an questions or any suggestions for any future copies of this news article then please note me on my account Synfull

So without further ado, So I heard u liek emotes Vol 1 :)

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. Shapeshifter by magistycal
Shapeshifter blue ninja by magistycal shows a great transition between 4 different shapes. This isn't always the easiest skill to master but it has been created well so it flows from one to the next. The animation of the star spinning is also nicely done, creating a well animated emoticon overall

2. Foo Was 'Ere by trezoid
Foo Was 'Ere by trezoid is a rather simple but extremely cute emote. It displays great shading and very smooth animation. The facial expression is also excellent and created in such a way it brings a smile to your face every time the emoticon appears

3. :thumb100253283:
Boomerang by Jarno-A shows great potential for a new emoticonist.  This is a very original idea and well executed so that the viewer can't help but giggle when the poor little emote gets hit by the boomerang

4. :joker: by NerdXV
:joker: by NerdXV is one of series of batman themed emotes recently submitted to dA. Along with many others it shows great animation and shading within the emote and shares a great likeness with the joker. The gunshot effect is also well designed and creates a simple but effect emoticon

5. Project Animal emotes entry by Droneguard
Project animal emotes entry by Droneguard is another cute emoticon posted within the past week. It again shows excellent shading and animation and is a fine example of thinking outside the box when it comes to emoticons, by transforming an averaged size emote into an excellent looking frog.

6. :pumpkin by Gomotes
:pumpkin: by Gomotes is a highly useful themed emote to fit in with Halloween that is approaching at the end of this month. It displays great shading and smooth animation and offers a unique twist on the average pumpkin themed emoticon

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

raining day by MenInASuitcase :crush: by trezoid Have you heard? by ScreamingGerbil :bungee: by Cmotes :thumb99884362:

:bulletgreen: Featured tutorials </u> :bulletgreen:

Basic shading tutorial - Complete Emoticon Guide part 1 by LeoLeonardo by LeoLeonardo

Animation tutorial - Animated Emotes In Fireworks by blunaowl by blunaowl

:bulletblue: Featured project</u> :bulletblue:

The animal emote project by Krissi001 is a very simple but brilliant project. The general idea is to create a range of animals using the average emoticon 15x15 pixel body. For more details and an up to date list on entries check out this journal:…

:bulletpurple: Emoticon based questions</u> :bulletpurple:

Q: What is an emoticon?
A: Not to be confused with the word 'emotion' an emoticon, or emote, is a small round character made from pixels. The average size for an emoticons body is 15x15 pixels, however variation on this can occur.

Q: How can I browse the emoticon gallery?
A: The emoticon gallery is situated under Customisations -> Icons -> Emoticons
The gallery is then split into 3 categories: Static (non moving), Animated (moving) and Packs & Large format (multiple emotes available for download and emotes of a body size larger than the average)

Q: who is the emoticon GD (Gallery Director)?
A: The current GD for emoticons is Chimpantalones

:bulletblack: Notes</u> :bulletblack:

Thank you for reading the first volume of this news article. If you would like to suggest an emoticon, tutorial, project or question for any future volumes then don't be afraid to note my Synfull account with the details. Thanks

© 2008 - 2021 Synfull
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How do I use these emoticons? 
I can't seem to copy it from this page ... CURSE YOU! 

:iconthumb118077348: ?

:thumb118077348: ?
snowpuff2kitty's avatar
Haha lol the first one! And just to think that you have made 125 now!! Its nearly its 3rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! good job :iconcoolplz:
CookiemagiK's avatar
awww the first one :icondawwface:
CookiemagiK's avatar
long before you became famous! :iconmadnoesplz:

You're awesome for keeping this running for over 2 years :tighthug:
Synfull's avatar
:giggle: certainly means no one can challenge my commitment to the art form
CookiemagiK's avatar
yes XD
I wonder how many articles you have written all together. This, and the interviews and the other ones :noes:
Synfull's avatar
Excluding contest related ones .... 148 :B

109 - So i herd u liek emotes
24 - So i herd u liek interviews
6 - week 100
5 - blast from the past
2 - time warp
1 - DD roundup
1 - Emote phrases

The sad thing is by averaging the hours spent on each at 5 hours (which is probably quite accurate) i've spent the equivalent of 30 days writing all of them xD
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Awesome journal!

This is an awesome series of journals that I shall go look at now. :salute:
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This is a good idea! I think emoticonists should get more recognition!

But, what you were saying about not confusing emoticon with emotion, technically it's still part of the word = emoticon is emotion + icon. So, an icon that represents an emotion :XD: Just thought I'd mention that :paranoid:
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"cool article" 8)
Silver-Dew-Drop's avatar
A few of those made me giggle :D Faved some too :boogie:
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Hey...I recognize some of those emotes :slow:

great article, and I can't wait for more :D
yo thank for the tut ;]
b4k4-san's avatar
I plan on starting to make emotes before the end of the month, so those tutorials should be really useful.
Synfull's avatar
Glad to know :) Good luck
magistycal's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my emote in it :D
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