November NaNoEmo 2013

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Together with Mirz123, I am proud to present the 2013 NaNoEmo Event.

NaNoEmo = Nabe November Emotes
(nabe: shortening and respelling of neighbourhood)

What is NaNoEmo?

NaNoEmo is a fun emoticon challenge hosted every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 2 years we have had a fair number of emoticonists taking part and some fantastic emotes appearing all through the designated month.

The main purpose of the challenge is to encourage emoticonists to make emotes throughout the month of November. The most common challenge undertaken is to make 30 emotes in 30 days, though others choose to set alternative targets which better suit their other commitments or art style.

Whilst our previous NaNoEmo event hosted this June was restricted to only visual purpose emotes, the November event returns to the 'normal' format where any emote style is accepted. So it is completely up to you whether you opt to create a pack, work on an expression meme, design a collection of chat friendly emotes, work towards a visual purpose scene or dive into contests and projects.

Rewards and milestones

Krissi001 has been kind enough to design 3 awesome stamps to go along with the '30 emotes in 30 day' challenge. Each stamp marks the creation of 10 emotes towards the challenge. So if you are unable to make the full amount of emotes, don’t sweat it. The goal is to make more emotes than you usually would and possibly even try new styles and techniques you have never used before.

participant badge by Krissi001
bronze by Krissi001     silver by Krissi001     gold by Krissi001

Taking Part

If you aim to take part in NaNoEmo then join the group and leave a comment on the journal below. We’ll add you to the list of participants so others can check out your emote(s). It may be useful to make a separate gallery folder to help people keep track of your entries. If you have one, post that below too and we will place it next to your name.

Once you have finished an emote(s), upload them to the 'featured' folder at NaNoEmo so other group members to check them out. At the end of the month we will also create a news article to show off a range of the brilliant pieces made.

You don’t have to take part in the entire month. So if for any reason you want to sign up part way through November or need to drop out, then that is ok. We will edit the list throughout the month to help keep it as up to date as possible.

Emotes made for NaNoEmo can also be entered into other contests such as TheEMTC, ee-motes or EmoticonOpus giving you exciting themes to base your entries on. NaNoEmo simply aims to get people making emotes in the month of November, so we have no issue with these doubling up as contest entries elsewhere.

Tutorials + Resources

For those that may not have much experience with Emotes, Emotication has a handy list of tutorials and resources which may assist making your art pieces.



It would be brilliant if you could help spread the word about this new event. We would love to see members throughout the community (and even beyond) taking part, so please help promote it through journals, polls, Twitter or simply show it to your friends.

We look forward to seeing everyone sign up for this event, and eagerly await seeing what wonderful pieces you come up with! :eager:


1. Mirz123
2. Synfull
3. Waluigi-Prower
4. ketti-bri - NaNoEmo gallery
5. SparklyDest
6. sugarislife28
7. Fuzzy-Artemis
8. iAmoret - NaNoEmo gallery
9. LeopardBomb - NaNoEmo gallery
10. happy-gurl - NaNoEmo gallery
11. pjuk - NaNoEmo gallery
12. TheWritingDragon
13. API-Beast
14. crystallized-skies
15. KitLightning
16. Kyramy
17. TanteTabata - NaNoEmo gallery
18. BlissfullySarcastic - NaNoEmo gallery
19. Ridley126
21. a-kid-at-heart - NaNoEmo gallery
22. destroyerofgalaxies
23. iDJPanda
24. ioanacamelia2000
25. bubbIies - NaNoEmo gallery
26. IceXDragon
27. Banjelerp - NaNoEmo Gallery
28. I-Smart-Kid - NaNoEmo Gallery
29. Xanderpus
30. Nironan12 - NaNoEmo Gallery
31. Ravenswd
32. Bonelos - NaNoEmo Gallery
33. guardianangel29 NaNoEmo Gallery
34. DaynjaDog
35. JeanaWei
36. NerdyGeekyArt - NaNoEmo Gallery
37. CrazyLittlePsycho
38. guitarcraze
39. Chibi-NinjaX3
40. emocx

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i want to join in :iconbabyeagerplz: