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Whilst Mirz123 takes some time away from deviantART this year, the baton has been passed to me to run NaNoEmo for 2017. As usual, the event starts on the 1st of November, and hopefully this article will help to bring awareness to the event and wake some emoticonists up from hibernation.

What is NaNoEmo?

NaNoEmo is a fun emoticon challenge hosted every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 5 years we have had a fair number of emoticonists taking part and some fantastic emotes appearing all through the designated month.

The main purpose of the challenge is to encourage emoticonists to make emotes throughout the month of November. The most common challenge undertaken is to make 30 emotes in 30 days, though others choose to set alternative targets which better suit their other commitments or art style.

The November event features the 'normal' format where any emote style is accepted. So it is completely up to you whether you opt to create individual pieces, design a collection of related emoticons or work towards a visual purpose scene which is built up over the course of the month.

Taking Part

If you aim to take part in NaNoEmo then join the group and leave a comment on the journal below. Once you have finished an emote(s), upload them to the 'featured' folder at NaNoEmo so other group members to check them out.

If we receive enough entries we will aim to do a weekly recap to show off a range of the brilliant pieces submitted. We will then round off the month with a news article to show off some of my favourite pieces from the month.

You don’t have to take part in the entire month. So if for any reason you want to sign up part way through November or need to drop out, then that is ok.

Tutorials + Resources

For those that may not have much experience with Emotes, Emotication has a handy list of tutorials and resources which may assist making your art pieces.



It would be brilliant if you could help spread the word about this event. We would love to see members throughout the community (and even beyond) taking part, so please help promote it through journals, polls, Twitter or simply show it to your friends.

We look forward to seeing everyone sign up for this event, and eagerly await seeing what wonderful pieces you come up with! :eager: by darkmoon3636

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Can I jion in NaNoEmo 2018? I'm not an emotist but I do draw them a lot. My emotes are 50x50, is that ok?
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Whilst the majority of people make their emotes 15x15 there's no restrictions on what size they should be. You're more than welcome to join the next NaNoEmo, though we probably won't be running another until our annual event in November.
emocx's avatar
Count me in! :la:
Mind if I ask, is emoticon stamp accepted?
Synfull's avatar
:nod: Anything with an emote in
Krissi001's avatar
Synfull's avatar
:excited: I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I've missed seeing your art come through my inbox
Krissi001's avatar
TanteTabata's avatar
                     I think it's about time to do some more emotes :D
                       So I'll give it a go for at least some of them.
                                                             up, up and away by TanteTabata  
Synfull's avatar
Even if a few emoticonists post a few extra emotes this month it will be a worthwhile event :)
Phlum's avatar
Sign me the hell up. :eagerpee: 
AspiredWriter's avatar
sign me up! :eager: i have more noodlebug emotes to make AWmote-Yay by AspiredWriter
AspiredWriter's avatar
no promisses but i'll try
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
As "peak season" approaches for work, it gets harder and harder to do this, but I'll be throwing what I can into the mix. :omgomgomg:  It would be nice to see some actual emoticon art for a change...
Synfull's avatar
It's a shame that it's always hosted at an awkward time of year for you, but I'll be excited to see any entries you manage to fit in
Fuzzy-Artemis's avatar
I have managed Inktober thus far, let's see if I can do all of NaNoEmo for once ^^
Snowshi's avatar
I'll be participating! :la: I look forward to this every year lol.
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