Cube collection (Part 2)

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2x2x1 Cube by Syns-Stuff
3x3x1 Floppy Cube by Syns-Stuff

Bump 3x3x1
Make: Unknown
Purchased: October 2012
Purchased from:

3x3x2 cube by Syns-Stuff
3x3x2 cube (LanaLan) by Syns-Stuff
3x3x2 crazy cube by Syns-Stuff

2x2x3 puzzle by Syns-Stuff
Christmas 2013


Pyraminx by Syns-Stuff


Skewb by Syns-Stuff
Skewb Ultimate by Syns-Stuff
X Skewb
Christmas 2013
Skewb star by Syns-Stuff
Muse Hex Skewb by Syns-Stuff
Mickey Mouse Skewb Ball by Syns-Stuff
Skewb ball
August 2013

Geared Puzzles

Gear cube - mefferts
Jan 2013
Gear Cube by Syns-Stuff
Gearminx by Syns-Stuff

Gear Mastermorphinx
Purchased: Oct 2012
Purchased from:  Mefferts,com

Gear pyraminx by Syns-Stuff
Gear Shift by Syns-Stuff

Other Puzzles

Mf8 + Smaz Dino Cube by Syns-Stuff

Dino Cylinder
Jan 2014 (via amazon)

Square-1 by Syns-Stuff
Rex Cube by Syns-Stuff
Curvy Copter by Syns-Stuff
Megaminx by Syns-Stuff

Rubik's snake by Syns-Stuff
Rubiks Snake
Make: Rubik's (Official)
Size: 42cm x 2.5cm x 1.8cm
Purchased: 2006
Purchased from: Wilkinson
Notes: Blue and Orange. 24 links

Rubik's snake keychain by Syns-Stuff
Rubiks Snake Keychain
Make: Rubik's (Official)
Size: 20.5cm x 1.2cm x 0.8cm
Purchased: 2007
Purchased from: HMV
Notes: Blue and Orange. Often breaks apart. Keychain obscures movement. One piece splitting apart

BrainTwist by Syns-Stuff
Make: Hoberman
Size: 12cm tall
Received: Christmas 2011
Purchased from:…
Notes: Very stiff to turn. Wont flip unless pieces completely aligned.

April 2013

Rubik's clock
Christmas 2013
Charity Shop, Derby


Rubik's torch keychain by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's mug by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's speaker by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's Stressball by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's pen pot by Syns-Stuff
Money box
Jan 2013
Rubik's salt and pepper grinders by Syns-Stuff
Notepad by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's cube tissue box by Syns-Stuff
May 2013
Rubik's cube basket by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's cube cake by Synfull
The Cube book by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's Cube Tree by Synfull

Wanted items

ShengShou 7x7x7
Gear cube extreme/ultimate
Dayan 2x2 (stickerless)

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ForestStarStudios's avatar
I wish I had so many Rubik's cubes ;-;
Synfull's avatar
Hopefully one day you might!
MarioTwo's avatar
DAMN That's alot.
0bsidianFire's avatar
You've got a really nice collection here! I really should get back into solving cubes other then 3x3x3 as I can solve the normal one in less then 5 minutes...
Synfull's avatar
:nod: solving other cubes is fun, but I still solve my 3x3 the most
Pixacious's avatar
Hey Synfull, found a neat 'project' you could do to fit with your Rubik collection. Rubik Cube Drawers! If i am correct, you make your own using this website? [link] but i may be a bit unsure. Good luck with your collection
Synfull's avatar
That sounds amazing. I've seen the pictures of the drawers before, but never a set of instructions. Sadly I lack time, money and storage space to make them right now, but I'll definitely keep the link for a possible future project :eager:
Pixacious's avatar
Okay :D. I decided to make a similar thing with Tetris pieces instead, i have the materials but i'll wait til university to make them :eager: Here's to the future!
TDRaichu's avatar
Great collection. You should get a ShengShou 5x5 if you only have a Rubik's brand. It works great :)
Synfull's avatar
It's on my list of things to get but I've actually struggled trying to track down a store which sells them and ships them to the UK (at a reasonable price). I'm also tempted to get the 7x7 shengshou, but again that's more expensive
TDRaichu's avatar
Did you try I think they ship to the UK.
Synfull's avatar
I'd forgotten about that site. I'll go and take a look :)
TDRaichu's avatar
By the way, you should get a helicopter cube. I heard they are really fun.
Synfull's avatar
My mum just ordered a curvy copter cube for my b'day/xmas :D Opted for that over the helicopter version as I feel it looks more awesome and functions the same provided you don't do certain moves.

I take it you solve cubes yourself? Got anything interesting in your collection?

Oh, and thanks for the lead on the 5x5 cube. I'm gonna order one sometime soon. :)
TDRaichu's avatar
Glad you're getting it :) I wish I could get it.

Yeah, I solve and collect. I've been meaning to put up a pi on here of my collection, but I be Ed got the time. I have some rare puzzles, like a 1982 Rubik's World and a Homer Simpson's head, and some interesting puzzles, like an Axis cube and a Skewb Megaminx.

And you're welcome about the 5x5 :)
Synfull's avatar
Neat. I haven't got the Homer one or the old Rubik's world, but I do have the axis cube now :D
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
You have one of the coolest collections I've ever seen! Thanks for showing it! :clap:
Synfull's avatar
:giggle: and it just keeps growing and growing
Leichenengel's avatar
The Skewb ones are pretty awesome :)
Synfull's avatar
:nod: at first I didn't like the bright colours but now I think they look pretty neat xD
Leichenengel's avatar
It's not only the colors it's more the odd shapes - the remind me so much of Fractals and role playing dice ^^
Czar-the-Dragon's avatar
Stressball, mug and a speaker. I'm gonna cry in front of this awesomeness.
And I can't even solve the original cube. :shifty:
Synfull's avatar
:giggle: I keep adding to this list too
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