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I bought my first Rubik's cube back in 2006 after being inspired by the film 'Pursuit of happyness''. After failing to solve it a few times I got tired of the cube and tossed it on a shelf out of sight. In 2010 I re-found my cube and after a day, I finally managed to solve it using the instructions provided. I went on to memorise the solution and found it a fun object to play with in my spare time. Soon I expanded my collection through cubes found both in shops and online, and later learning to make custom Rubik's cubes. Below is a summary of my current collection.

If you a a fellow cuber, feel free to strike up a conversation on the topic. I'm happy to discuss cube related topics and receive suggestions on new cube related items to check out (whether it be actual cubes, cube items or even youtube videos). I'm not a speed solver - I opt to solve at a slower pace attempting to learn to solve new puzzles rather than the same ones faster. I also don't figure out cubes myself, often receiving hints and algorithms from online tutorials or videos.

2x2x2 Cubes

2x2x2 Rubik's Cube by Syns-Stuff
2x2x2 Basic cube by Syns-Stuff 2x2x2 Alton Towers cube by Syns-Stuff
Mini 2x2x2 by Syns-Stuff
2x2x2 London Keychain by Syns-Stuff
2x2x2 Flower Ball by Syns-Stuff
Rubik's world globe by Syns-Stuff
12 Colour 2x2x2 Cube by Syns-Stuff

2x2x2 Keychain by Syns-Stuff

2x2x2 Harry Potter Cube
Make: Rubik's (Official)
Size: 5.5cm3
Purchased: July 2012
Purchased from: eBay
Solution: Same as normal 2x2x2
Notes: Turns ok. Doesn't corner cut well.

3x3x3 Cubes

3x3x3 Basic Cube by Syns-Stuff

Dayan Zanchi (Black)



Dayan Zanchi (Stickerless)

Sept 2012


Fangshi (Black /w white caps)

Christmas 2013


3x3x3 Tone Cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Void cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Ball by Syns-Stuff

Oskar's Treasure Chest

Jan 2014

3x3x3 Blonde's cube by Syns-Stuff
Mini 3x3x3 keychain by Syns-Stuff
3x3x3 Large Cube by Syns-Stuff

Picture Cubes Cubes

3x3x3 Wall-E cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Discovery Store Cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Bloomberg cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 England cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Noughts and Crosses by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Sudokube by Syns-Stuff

Fake Gear cube


Forrest Gump Keychain
Make: Unknown
Size: 3.4cm3
Received: May 2012
Received from: Jenny (from Florida)
Solution: Same as 3x3x3
Notes: Has 6 Forrest Gump/Bubba-Gump shrimp themed sides. Not brilliant at turning

Shape-shifting Cubes

3x3x3 Fisher Cube by Syns-Stuff

3x3x3 Mirror cube by Syns-Stuff

Two Solution Bump Cube by Syns-Stuff

Axis Cube by Syns-Stuff

Mastermorphix by Syns-Stuff

Custom Cubes

Clones ... by Synfull

Minecraft cube by Synfull

Coloured companion cube cube by Synfull

Custom Stressball Rubik's Cube by Synfull

Symbol cube by Synfull

3x3x3 Calendar Cube by Syns-Stuff

4x4x4 Cubes

4x4x4 Basic Cube by Syns-Stuff

4x4x4 ShengShou cube by Syns-Stuff

4x4x4 Cute Picture Cube by Syns-Stuff

4x4x4 Animal Cube (Eastsheen)
Jan 2014

5x5x5 Cubes

5x5x5 Rubik's cube by Syns-Stuff

5x5x5 Cube
Make: ShengShou
Purchased: Feb 2012
Purchased from:
Notes: Smaller than expected, but a nice cube.

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Daphne-Brown's avatar
How do the 1x1x1s work?
Synfull's avatar
You pick it up and put it down - solved!
BradLeeSP's avatar
That's a seriously cool collection!  O:
Synfull's avatar
angelica-micah's avatar
Wow that is so amazing. It would take me months to finish one single cube. Have you heard about the Rubik's Twist? It's very popular here in my country and a lot of people from school would make a challenge during recess. I always see these so-called challenges and I wondered if it would be interesting to buy a rubik's twist and a rubik's cube. So I bought both and I only mastered the rubik's tiwst. :) Anyways, good job :)
Synfull's avatar
Is the Rubik's Twist the same as the Rubik's snake?
YukiHayate's avatar
Yaaaayyy!! *high fives* I have a regular 3x3 and a Void cube! ; w ; I'm just wondering what your fastest time is? X3
Synfull's avatar
Something like 1 min 30 sec. Nothing hellishly fast, but I haven't taken the time (yet) to learn the faster algorithms. What about you?
YukiHayate's avatar
Oh ^_^ I haven't timed myself in a while xD
AntiSpriteTheft's avatar
Pretty cool. I've solved both 3x3 and 4x4, although the 4x4 one wasn't original. Luckily, I knew F2L with the 3x3 by the time I bought it, so solving 4x4 was easy after straightening the middle pieces.
Average time 1x1 : Still trying to solve it
Average time 2x2 : never checked
Average time 3x3: 0:50 minutes
Average time 4x4 : never checked
I don't own a 5x5... :iconforeveraloneplz:
Synfull's avatar
I only recently took the time to learn F2L but I'm not practised enough with it to be super fast. I still need to learn some OLL (and then maybe PLL) as that is the stage slowing me down.

I always find it interesting that people go from 3x3 to 4x4 instead of 5x5. The 5x5 is actually easier since there is no nasty parity and a 16 move correction algorithm to remember.
AntiSpriteTheft's avatar
Well, I just use the transform-to-3x3 method and then solve it easily, I believe there are no algorithms for that.
And I'm getting curious for the 5x5, I'll try that, I suppose.
Synfull's avatar
The reduction method is the most common, but you end up with parity about 50% of the time
AntiSpriteTheft's avatar
I see. I'll try out the other one then.
And I'll need a better lube, too. Honestly lubing the 4x4 is a bit hard, considering that you'll have to remove the pieces and fit em back together.
FreshButtered's avatar
HOW DO YOU DO THE 1x1x1 CUBE?!?!?!
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Bonnzai's avatar
Wow, I thought I was the only one who collected those! Would love to have some larger than 3 by 3, though.
Synfull's avatar
If you do, I'll point out a 5x5 is actually easier than a 4x4 :)
DanksForTheMemeries's avatar
My friend has a lot of cubes but not nearly THAT many! i like solving cubes as fast as I can but have next to no desire to memorize thousands upon thousands of algorithms for each position the pieces could be in. if i can get 33 seconds by solving it the method i learned then that's ok with me. :XD:
Synfull's avatar
That's a lot faster than I can solve it. My best is around 1 min 33 sec xD I've learnt f2l to get the first 2 layers solved, but still work on the beginners method for the rest. I want to learn to solve it faster, but need to find the time for all the algorithms D:
DanksForTheMemeries's avatar
I learned 3 of the F2l sequences to switch around certain pieces that would cut my time down. I went from 47 to 33 seconds for my record after that XD
Synfull's avatar
I only really know 1 of the F2L moves, though I may know more that i have worked out without realising. My slowest stage is the OLL and PLL and I'm sure if I learnt some of those it would drastically speed up my time.
DanksForTheMemeries's avatar
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