Blast from the Past - Volume 1

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By Synfull
:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: About this article :bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

Welcome to this edition of Blast from the Past. This is the 1st volume in a series aimed at promoting older emoticonists from the dA community.

The emoticon community changes from week to week and while we constantly gain new members, we also lose a number of brilliant emoticonists along the way. Some have left dA, while others have progressed onto other art forms or just chosen to take a break from pushing pixels. I feel it's a shame that many new deviants miss out on viewing awesome emoticons from the past, so have started this news series to hopefully highlight a few of them, along with their creators

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: hprince329 :bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

For the first deviant in the first article i felt i really must start with hprince329.  His gallery contains a range of great emoticons that cover a variety of expressions and situations. Even though the community has moved on in both shading and animation styles, his emoticons are still really useful in chats and conversation, with many holding a place on the emoticon legend.

Hug emoticon by hprince329
Despite being made over 8 years ago, the hug emoticon is still used all over our community. The simple animation may not be the smoothest, but it still works perfectly and allows you to pass on that all important hug.

Evil Laugh emoticon by hprince329
The movement in Evil Laugh flows smoothly from frame to frame creating a really great piece of animation work. The slight details included in the hands and expressions really enhance the motion and create a great sense of evil.

Sarcastic Clap emoticon by hprince329
Sarcatic Clap is another of hprince's emotes that is still used in our community today. The range of eye movements and hand motions work well together to bring across a great feeling of sarcasm and make yet another really useful emoticon.

Other emoticons by this artist

Glomp emoticon by hprince329 Thank You emoticon - final one by hprince329 Whew emoticon by hprince329 Cuddle emoticon by hprince329 Salute emoticon by hprince329

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: zikes :bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

zikes is most commonly known for his range of useful scripts (including the old Zikes emoticon script) but was once an emoticonist himself. You can find a collection of his cute (and often green) emoticons still in his gallery.

:canoworms: by zikes
I simply adore this emote. The concept is displayed brilliantly with great detail and expressions that really enhance the animation.

:decoy: by zikes
:decoy: is just a another brilliant emoticon made by zikes. The idea is put across well with fluent motion and a rather amusing ending.

:melt: by zikes
You can't help but go awww at this emoticon. It's animated smoothly from start to finish with an adorable theme and brilliant detail in the blush motion.

Other emoticons by this artist

:furiousnod: by zikes :hmm: Retooled by zikes Fairy Transformation by zikes :pullbeard: by zikes :sniffle: by zikes

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: Information :bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

Previous Issues:
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I am hoping to develop this news article into a small series featuring more deviants that were previously active in the emote community . If you have a suggestion to improve this news article or would like to suggest someone for me to feature then feel free to note my Synfull account :aww:
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Emotes make the world a better place. :icontardglompplz:
Without them, the internet would be a sad, sad state of vocabulary. :sadangel:
If others disagree, I say, Fork'em. :fork:
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Thanks for being one of the top emote purveyors. :giggle:

catluvr2's avatar
I love the fact that you're doing this. :hug:
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This is a great idea for an article. :nod:
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That's such a brilliant idea, Karen! Awesomely done! :clap:

It's just nice to see inactive emoticonists getting featured. People tend to quickly forget them just because they're not around anymore, so it's a good way to show everyone how much they were important and give them the exposure they deserve. :nod:
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Awesome article:eager:
Looking forward to see more <3
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Great article! It's great to learn about past emoticonists from years gone by. :thumbsup::meow:
Oktanas's avatar
Nice idea syn :#1:
This will show people how it all started
Synfull's avatar
:nod: Its interesting what you can learn by looking back
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Nice idea syn, this will show people how it all started :clap:
mackwrites's avatar
You're good at stuff like this. :paranoid:
at writing!!
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If you say so :paranoid:
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Great article Karen :D Can't wait to see more!
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Great idea for an article! There was =Kermodog, he had some nice emoticons. But he left :C
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