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:bulletred: January :bulletred:

6th - KateHughes
7th - lhannaford
17th - rafaella-schumann
19th - BubbleRevolution
23rd - LukeWilliams777

:bulletgreen: February :bulletgreen:

9th - NoxieArt
12th - KatiBear
13th - AreteEirene
14th - Espiroth
16th - ExFaceCake
22nd - VIPwnt
22nd - YounisAMAX
26th - Abfc
? - Davecheesefish

:bulletblue: March :bulletblue:

3rd - admx
9th - ScreamingGerbil
13th - Marc-pHX
23rd - shadowed-light-waves
31st - TempestuousWorgen

:bulletpurple: April :bulletpurple:

3rd - Malpercio
6th - eldris
8th - Krissi001
14th - LawnyJ
19th - josh-675
22nd - thetifftiff

:bulletred: May :bulletred:

8th - Supersaiyanbatman
12th - MyrthJ
31st - IAmTheMovement

:bulletgreen: June :bulletgreen:

5th - Shannara-Queen
8th - CSnyder
8th - DJ-Fragon
8th - Tifa22
14th - Rainbow-Mist-Topaz
16th - mackwrites
16th - Hellobaby
16th - Moonbeam13
16th - angelitonegro
18th - Jerret-the-Ferret
22nd - kezbabybabe
24th - CookiemagiK
28th - Loganism
30th - King-Mushroom

:bulletblue: July :bulletblue:

7th - jincy
10th - DarkChaosPaladin
11th - Silver-Dew-Drop
15th - rustbucketracer
16th - karyaazure
16th - masterddd
19th - Silentshadow1
26th - rob389
28th - krazykel
31st - JM2-art

:bulletpurple: August :bulletpurple:

4th - zikes
5th - charlenequek
9th - Timothy-Sim
24th - Cmotes
28th - zachriel
30th - Sinister-Starfeesh

:bulletred: September :bulletred:

1st - elicoronel16
5th - GodessOfArt
11th - lady-shirakawa
16th - BeccaJS
18th - artcova
25th - Oktanas

:bulletgreen: October :bulletgreen:

5th - ManiacalMuffin aka hiiiii84
10th - MixedMilkChOcOlate
10th - MenInASuitcase
12th - ByPriorArrangement
14th - AshleyxBrooke
30th - margo-mango
31st - blunaowl

:bulletblue: November :bulletblue:

1st - diamond281
2nd - gebbss
7th - E-motive
13th - mirrorTEA
13th - irient
22nd - royalheartinhand
23rd - GiZmO0o

:bulletpurple: December :bulletpurple:

3rd - TheBigBadFish
5th - Waluigi-Prower
12th - UtterlyDistorted
13th - Me (Synfull )
13th - Zagittorch
20th - JACT2012
23rd - nirman
25th - Argetlam-Br-01

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My-Silent-Angel's avatar
Synfull's avatar
Btw when did you ask permission to colour over my avatar i made for bliss?
My-Silent-Angel's avatar
sorry, i didn't, :iconblushplz: i just really liked the design
Exahall's avatar
oh! see this for the first time xD

my B-day is on the first of january ^u^
Synfull's avatar
same as my sisters :)
Exahall's avatar
Wolven-Goddess's avatar
Shannara-Queen's avatar
Oh, mine's the 5th of June. :icongrinnplz:
Shannara-Queen's avatar
Oh god damnit! :tantrum:

I meant :icongrinwooplz:
Tifa22's avatar
You deleted me again :crying:
*sniff* *sniff*
Tifa22's avatar
I know I was in there once :XD:

You deleted me :crying:
*sniff* *sniff*
Synfull's avatar
I cleared the list and have been building it up with people's i kow, not radom watchers. whats your date and i'll add it up since i know you :D
Tifa22's avatar
OK :lol:
It's 8th June :aww:

Thanks! :glomp:
Tifa22's avatar
Synfull's avatar
Ok, its up now. Obviously didn't save it right last time
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July 18

By the way, you ARE one of the best emoticonists I have ever seen!! =D
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