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~Sinister-Starfeesh suggested i made an emote of just the purple emote from and =Mr-Jaunty suggested the name. I thought it was a good idea and it makes a nice, yet sad lil emote

**Feel free to use this emote on your website/forum for non-commercial uses without asking permission. However please do not claim it as your own work or upload it to your dA account as an unchanged deviation. Credit is appreciated with a link to my `Synfull page
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The purple emote describes how one of my friends feel right now. He's been dealing with anxiety for the past few weeks... Just A Tad Bit Sad or Worried 
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:pets: V2 Hope he's doing ok
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Yea, he's been having a rough time. Somehow got himself on his landlord's bad side.
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Aww... This is so cute. Meow :3 
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Oh, I feel sorry for this little guy. He (or she) looks so worried and mournful!
I also love this emote. So cute! :aww:
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:aww: Just makes you want to give him a hug
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Aaaaw, it's sooo cute. You make some of the best emotes every Synfull!
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Hmm, this kind of is how I feel sometimes. Especially when I miss my GF/ worry about how she is on here <3
Then I see this, :iconsootheplz: and know she'll be on soon/feel better <:3
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somehow this makes me want to hug the little one and tell him/her that everything will be alright :aww:
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:giggle: it does. Kind of lucky :iconsootheplz: exists too
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It's so adorable! :iconblushplz:
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:woohoo: i have a new favourite emote :la:
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aww! Lovely job on it!
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I like this one :eager: It's both scared and concerned at the same time. I see it saying "Mom said not to play in the washing machine... Are you sure it's safe?"
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