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By Synfull
Talk about combos :faint: This deviation has been put together for so many reasons:

1) I love my new poof cloud and wanted to make another deviation with it. Though making 4 clouds is more tedious than fun
2) This is my 400th deviation and 201st animated emote (not inc scraps) so i wanted to do something more interesting than a simple waving emote
3) A while back someone (i think it was `Zikes) suggested that i make a :stealthglomp: to go with my :creepglomp:
4) All credit to ~JM2-art for the actual idea of content for the glomp, as he suggested this a while back. Due to me not wanting to do the cloud motion before i never tried, but it was worth the wait
5) *Emoticiety are running a contest with the theme of ninjas.

Put all of those together and you get the reason for creating this emote. I am really quite impressed with how it turned out in the end :D

Comments, crits and emote ideas welcome :aww:
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I like the poofyness too. Very cool animation
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You're welcome :)
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Hey This would be perfect to use in my chat #thebomb is all about Ninjas. I was wondering if i could use it.. if i could i would be sure that people know its yours. ^^
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Can i use it plz?
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Sorry but avatars must be 50x50 pixels and this is over taht size so it wont work as an avatar
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When I saw this on the journal I instantly recognised it as one of yours Syn, your style is certainly recognisable now.
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:O which journal did you see it in? :confused:

And yes, each emoticonist can have a very different style and i've finally settled into mine. I'm now really good at spotting if people have used my bases when browsing the gallery and the other day i spotted one of my orange ones, before i even realised the person uploading it had stolen the actual :iconwavesplz: emote and used it in their own deviation :slow:
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the :iconemoticiety: one as your entry. :)

Darn thieves! :shakefist: What did you do?
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Ahh, i forgot you watched them ;p

Just left a comment stating that the orange emote they had used in the deviation was mine, and as they didn't have permission to use it, so please remove it or i will report it. It was down within 2 hours :giggle:
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Woo! Another win for the artist!

Good luck in the contest. Yours is probably the most friendly ninja around.
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