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October 23, 2008
The emote's actions in :squee: by =Synfull pretty much represent the way I reacted upon seeing it. Well done animation couples a very adorable emoticon that's definitely worth checking out!
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I had the idea for a squee emote way, way back when i made my first bouncing emote. However, i've never been too sure how to make it work. However today i finally pulled all the elements together and created this.

Its quite interesting cos when i started making this emote i was in a rather bored and in a :( mood, but after a hour chat with 2 old school friends, a quick chat with mali and a great laugh with another friend, it kinda turned my evening around which is why it looks so excited :giggle:

Note: The zikes code for this emote is now :squee: not :squee!:

Time taken from start to uploading: 6 hours
Time spent making the actual emote: 2 hours
Frames: 111

EDIT: Thank you to ~zombierap21 and `Chimpantalones for the DD


**Feel free to use this emote on your website/forum for non-commercial uses without asking permission. However please do not claim it as your own work or upload it to your dA account as an unchanged deviation. Credit is appreciated with a link to my `Synfull page
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