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:snuzzle: V3

By Synfull
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Version 3
I'm slowly working through my old emotes and revamping a few of them, and this was the next on my list. I decided to scrap the original animation and start from scratch with new shading, new animation and new expressions.

There were 2 main differences in this version. Firstly the emotes no longer separate and come together when the emote looks. This always looked rather odd in my opinion so i got rid of it. I also changed the style of hearts. This was to shrink the canvas height from 50 to under 25 pixels.

Version 2
For a while now i haven't been particularly pleased with my original emote :snuzzle:

There something about it that doesn't make it look right, however i loved the concept. I've been wanting to revamp it, but never given it a shot till now.

I much prefer this newer version. I feel it looks alot cuter and and i generally love it all round.

I will probably change this one in fo the one on the plz account soon

This emote has a plz account - :iconsnuzzleplz:

Version 1: [link]
Version 2: [link]

**Feel free to use this emote on your website/forum for non-commercial uses without asking permission. However please do not claim it as your own work or upload it to your dA account as an unchanged deviation. Credit is appreciated with a link to my `Synfull page
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This absolutely WONDERFUL! Clap Thank you for sharing  :) (Smile) 
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I like the first one of this!
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Hey Syn, I've already reported it, but this was stolen by some idiot [link]
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Thanks for letting me know. Seems they've stolen quite a bit =/
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Yeah, and they had more stolen stuff before that got deleted. =\
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I like this version much more :nod:
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This is great - makes me feel all warm on the inside :love: I love the way the heart pops at the end :P
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Both are unique. This one seems to be more of a ';planned' snuzzle. The smaller heart is a little cuter too. The original snuzzle seems a little more spontaneous. I like both equally.
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