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Meh. This is pretty much how i feel right now.

Uni isn't going amazingly well and i keep hitting disappointment after disappointment that often leaves me slumping over my desk or random object.

Its because of this i haven't been interested in making emotes recently, so i'm actually surprised i managed to make this.

**Feel free to use this emote on your website/forum for non-commercial uses without asking permission. However please do not claim it as your own work or upload it to your dA account as an unchanged deviation. Credit is appreciated with a link to my `Synfull page
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luv it!!! totally cool ,and describing my mood/artwork.
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That :slump: emote is an amzing idea!
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"This is pretty much how i feel right now" Me too
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Someone needs a hug. :hug:
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That's just called invading my privacy. XD
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The expression and the animation are wonderful. I especially like the way it falls over, you pulled that off very well.

I'm sorry things aren't going so great for you. :hug:
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:) Thanks. I'm proud of how it turned out
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i know how you feel..
i've been feeling the same lately.. :(
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