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This one was suggested by *angelitonegro :D

This emote actually suits me quite well, as i often sty on my comp till the small hours of the morning and a couple of times i've actually fallen asleep at the comp ^^;

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and i like the colour emote for this, which again was chosen by angelitonegro :D

Comments and critiques welcome
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Absolutely amazing!! And of course - I can clearly see myself as "sleepytyper", too! ^^;
Thank you very much for all wonderful emotes you made!
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:giggle: glad you like it
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Dear Karen, you are already my DA heroine! Lots of love!! Hug 
LilPixelPaws's avatar
this is me when i tried to stay awake for a whole night and not sleep in the morning... i failed
TakeMyLlamaPLZ's avatar
May I make this into a PLZ account? I just want your permission before I do.
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I'd rather you didn't since dA is in the middle of releasing a system where any emote can be used in comments :)
TakeMyLlamaPLZ's avatar
Ok, thanks for letting me know :)
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I almost fell asleep on the PC once XD
The-Jelly-Princess's avatar
You need to make a plz account for this. :D I would SO use it all the time...
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xD This emote is so old and really needs updating first :P
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I'd like to request permission to use this on an RPG forum (cbox) on which I am currently an aide. Will ONLY use with your permission, you will be properly credited, and I can give you a link to the website at your request
JellyBeanAddict27's avatar
Is there a plz account for this awesome emote? :typerhappy:
Synfull's avatar
:giggle: no since it was made before plz accounts were a big thing
JellyBeanAddict27's avatar
:( It's still possible, though. :noes:
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wait what? :o how did i miss this one? :typerhappy:
Synfull's avatar
This one is a very old emote that often gets forgotten
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This happens to me, too ): People need to ding me on AIM sometimes to wake me up...
Kissy92's avatar
haha, lookes like me when I'm on the computer too long in the night ^^
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