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I've been wanting to revamp this emote for a while Gave it new shading, slightly different position and a whole new animation

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I had a request for an emote which sighed, so I had a shot at it. I think it turned out ok.

Version 1: [link]

**Feel free to use this emote on your website/forum for non-commercial uses without asking permission. However please do not claim it as your own work or upload it to your dA account as an unchanged deviation. Credit is appreciated with a link to my `Synfull page
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how do you type this because :sighs: doesn't work? :confused:
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You have to use the add media feature. More info here: Syn's guide to emotes in comments

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I know how to use the add media feature. I was hoping that there was a way NOT to use that feature, because it usually causes a 5-10 second freeze.
Thanks anyway. :)
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Unless I made a plz account for it, that's the only way
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how to do that?
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This emote... :sighs: ... It's okey i guess... but... I'm too melencholy to praise you...
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he is so cuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)
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Cute, cute. Kinda how I feel right now. :paranoid:
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lol i meant the ":love:" not the "neutral" XD

anyways, awesome~!
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very cute and smooth :)
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Great animation :huggle:
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Youre welcome ^^
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Pretty much how I feel at the moment. Nice and smooth animation :clap:
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