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The idea fror this came about from several things. First off i went to a craft fair yday and afterwards one of the people bought some flowers for his wife when he popped into tescos and gave them to her outside. Secondly i bought a kit for making funky flowers out of ribbon at the fair. The last part that contributed is i wanted to make another hug emote.

Combine the 3 together and you get this emote. The thing the emote gives over is meant to be a bunch of roses if you didn't guess, but they are hard to pixel =B

Comments crits and ideas welcome
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Looks good :)
but an important thing for emoticons is, that you change the facial expressions,

for an example, when he looks at her, you can giveh im an *hehe ive got something for you* face

Or you can make his eyes blink sometimes, even emoticons have to blink XD
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Thanks for the idea. It is true that their eyes stay the same for too long, so i will go and try out stuff with them :)
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Very Nice. Wish i could remember what it felt like to give someone flowers :D
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I wish i knew how it felt to give or recieve any :(
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Well, I was considering a way to let you know how it feels ( though I have a hard time believing you've never been given flowers before :) ), but it appears that there is someone :iconsecretadmirerplz: out there who beat me too it :rofl:
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Nope, never recieved any flower before. Thats what a lack of bf causes
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Well, you're only 17. So there is plenty of time for that :D
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So, how is Derby? I have relatives in Manchester, Liverpool and Abegavenny(sp?).
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Its ok. Nothing exciting really. I know worse places to live
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great emote make a plz account
also the roses looks great
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I might try and make a plz account of it. Its gonna be hard t do thouh cos the canvas size is 55 pixels >.<
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Very sweet and it will be useful around the lovey-dovey holidays.
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So lovely!!!!

I cant get enough of ut work...its awesome!!

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It's such a sweet idea! :aww:
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You're welcome! :aww:
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:aww: very cute! :)

maybe you could add some hearts when he gives her the roses :)
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