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Personally, i believe that explosions are one of the hardest effects a emoticonist can come across. They are not usually easy to animate and can look rather weird if you don't quite pixel the right. There are about 3 tutorials on how to make emote explosions on DA, and after attempting most of them i decided to just go for broke and try my own style.

I based it on the exploding emote i had made in :supernsneeze: as i felt that animation worked well and just added smoke behind. It turned out as well as i had hoped and i am really happy with it overall. However i wanted an emote form which i could use as this was orignally in an avatar. The puff of smoke made me think of a magician appearing or dissappearing so that what i made the emote into.

Now the next skill i need to master is pixel fire :slow:

:giggle: Ay ideas for other emotes i could make using this puff or smoke?

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I have an idea ooh oooh i do !!!!!! lol.... you could do a ninja, or a fairy (with a purple sparkly poof), or dumbledore, or a mad scientist and you can have him mixing a potion then boom explosion and you see crazy hair and char marks on his face, or a witch, ...... im just full of ideas, btw im amazed at ur whole gallery, I would have commented on everything i loved but that would be everything!!! I think that would annoy us both, hope my ideas helped :)
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Really nice work on the smoke! ^^ *faves*
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You did a great job with the "poof" effect.
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Poof awayyyy!


Or so I wish.
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that is really cool :) its nice and smooth, keep it uP!
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Absolutely fabulous. Wonderfully done.
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Amazing. 8D I love orange. >>;
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The poof of smoke looks awerosme, very well animated so smooth well done
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:aww: Thank you. I love this emote :D
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nice job on the explosion
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