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Shortly after creating this stamp, the emote legend did receive a much needed update with a number of useful and community liked emoticons being added to the list. Whilst I still feel it would be nice to have more regular updates, I'm not as bitter towards dA as I was when the stamp was first created.

At the end of the day, It would be nice to have an emote dictionary or simply a new style legend but I'd rather they spend ages on it than throw it together and leave us with a half finished, badly thought out system.

Emotes do deserve more attention than they often get, but dA is a big site and we have to wait our turn.

<Mini rant>
As an emoticonist, I find the emote legend an important part of the site. I personally use official emotes daily and its awesome that all of the emotes on the list are made by members (or past members) of the community. Its brilliant seeing the range of creativity and gives something for chat friendly emoticonists to aim for.

However, it kind of saddens me that even as a feature which is used by thousands of members, it constantly feels neglected and outdated. Its now been nearly 2 years since the last major update and I really wish once in a while a new range of emotes could be added.

I understand that dA has much larger projects going on and one day we may even get the awesome emote dictionary, but in the meantime it would be really great if we could get 20 new or updated emotes every 6 months or so to tie us over till any big revamp.

I personally don't think this is much to ask. Emoticonists often get left out by new features which don't fit our medium (portfolio, muro, sitback) so I can't see why a small update once or twice a year would be much of an issue.

It further annoys me that stupid emotes keep getting added to the legend just 'for the lulz'. I see no reason why :wizardhat: or :trollface: deserve to be added and useful emotes remain confined to plz accounts and thumbnails.

So I support the need for a legend update. Do you?

</Mini rant>
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