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Emote Blueprint

By Synfull
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This is my entry for July's EMTC contest with the theme 'blue'.

When thinking of things involving the word 'blue', blueprints came to mind. I thought it would be neat to try making one for an emote, and challenge myself to shade with only a single colour. It was tricky trying to work out what the anatomy of an emote might be, but I think I got there in the end.
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I really love the colours and shading in this, it looks just like a blueprint :clap:
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Good luck! It looks so great :la:
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haha thats awesome! XD
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That's really awesome!  :lol:
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This is totally awesome!
Not only is the idea itself so simple, that it makes me wonder why no one else has done this before (and since we know that the golden rule is "if no one has done it, but everybody could, it's true art), but you also wrapped the idea in a beautiful package :la:
I love this :)
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:heart: thank you

I was certainly surprised to see no one had. I'm sure I remember someone doing something similar, but I couldn't find it when I looked.
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I agree, it's hard to find anything useful, and i am totally into mastering it and making either a tutorial about how to do it, or an awfully long journal on how much doing it sucks :la:
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i really like the design, great work synfull!
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where are the lungs :nuu: ?!
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:whisper: it's the skeletal view, not the tissue version with brain, lungs muscles etc
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:slow:  ah ~
silly me :dummy:
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If we had skeletons like that... It'd be awesome, except our legs would be all wobbly!
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Yeah. Might need a few extra bones for our arms and legs xD
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