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:99 green balloons:



While in Sweden =zachriel and myself went to a restaurant which had these rather creepy green and pink helium balloons all around the room. At the start of our meal Nilli grabbed one and attached it to her phone and at the end we acquired 2 more. I tied a green one to my belt and Roze (Nilli's bf) took a pink one.

I find it amusing that i got more funny looks for speaking english than walking down a street or riding a tram with a green balloon attached to my waist xD

We had many laughs with these balloons. It was the sort of thing i would always dream about doing but i've never had people that see the funny side of it enough to join in.

Back home the balloons got tied to various places in the flat and when it came to show each other how our emote programs work this is what i made. it was originally animated but the movement didn't look right so i kept it static.

The name came about because i typed '99 green balloons, all with creepy happy faces' to `brokenboulevard when referring to the balloons
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Yay to the mesosphere! Finally we can die!

(I'm sorry this is what I was thinking about when I looked at this. XD)