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SD Fresh Font


SD Fresh is a professionally tracked and kerned, low contrast typeface primarily for editorial and caption. SD Fresh was modified from Trebuchet MS named after a medieval catapult, designed by Vincent Connare in 1996 for Microsoft.



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Very cool font, thanks for sharing! :D
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Really nice work. I love how simple and elegant the shapes are. Everything is so smooth and well stylized.
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You've been featured: [link]
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Thanks a ton... just posted something new it ya like fonts.
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Nice! Thanks for sharing ;)
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The font looks beautiful, I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!
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This font is featured on [link]
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thank you, this is great :)
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Thanks. Used the font here:[link]
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Nice... THx for the link
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thanks! also thanks for the Spidee fav!
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It's so nice, i'll download, and i'll use it for paint my bedroom, i'll submmit pictures of it!! thanks, i was looking for a font like this!!
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this = sexy
:hump: *collects*
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This font looks good... *downloads*
This font looks amazing... I can't give some feedback.
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Awesome. Downloaded. =)
thank you for sharing your awesome work!
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looks, great, i will try to implement it in a spring brochure for active tourism company
yes. this is looks great
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10x fo sharing!
SynergyDigital's avatar
No doubt... Send me some sample of the work if you use it, I'd love to see it in action from someone besides myself. LOL!
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