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  • Listening to: Panzer AG - Drukne I Taarger
  • Reading: Gonna start a new book soon I promise!
  • Watching: SATC
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: sugarfree salty liquorice
  • Drinking: detoxxxxx lol
I'm back. I just can't stay out from here. :P
I've been away for couple of months again, but now I got myself new camera (Canon IXUS 100), so I can start taking pix again.
Also, I need to upload few old ones from England last summer.

I'm just disappointed how SLOW Deviantart has become. :( Dunno if I have any interest to upload any pics tonight cos loading pages in devart takes ages.

Ok now I'm gonna go through all new devs in my devwatch. :)
  • Listening to: Shuffle playlist: God Module
  • Reading: nothing atm.
  • Watching: Simpsons season 16
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: can't eat, hangover lolz
  • Drinking: sparkling water
Heya. I decided to psp some of my newest pix, just to upload them here and update my profile. ^^ I just got back from England, got very nice pics from there too.
Keep eyes open for constant incoming uploads!
xXxX Vera
  • Listening to: Old Korn!
  • Watching: computer screen with X_X eyes
  • Playing: WoW
  • Drinking: Fanta B'good
Sorry for exploding your devwatch- page. :D
Had an inspiration in work today, because we had photographing day and it was sunny even for couple of hours! ...

Gonna upload abt 30+ pics this evening and night, in small amounts at the time...

Enjoy... (?) ^^

  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away
  • Watching: Desperados
  • Playing: WoW
  • Drinking: tea
Hello, I've come back.
I did & updated new deviantID, and changed my profile & apprentiace a bit.
Since I have so much free time now, I'm gonna carry my beautiful and precious companion (my camera) where ever I go.
I'm really looking forward for uploading new stuff here asap.