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Spike! Here he is, I guess you could say I was a bit inspired by how Mangneto draws Spike. So thanks Mang :D

First time I drew a cartoony dragon, they are crazy silly fun to draw. Do you like dragons? 

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Ah this is lovely! I especially like the added details and the way you did his fins/spikes. And the way you shade is really gorgeous! The pose and expression are also very charming and on spot for Spike's personality.

Long story short, I love it! Well done! :D
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Thank you for the comment, this was a fun doodle, Spike has a fun design. :)
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Very nice artwork, Duo!
It makes me wanna hug him more than usual.  :3
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It's humdrum! Just kidding! XD No....Spike is more than that :) 
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Haha, humdrum :)  Thanks a bunch.
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This is a charming version of him...  Nicely done!
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:) Thank you, I've been meaning to draw Spike for awhile. He's a fun character.
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kind of funny seeing all these badass, epci dragons and then Spike :giggle:
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Combo Breaker :3
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Your interpretation of Spike (my fave MLP character) is excellent -- holy cow! I spotted your piece through Equestria Daily's "Drawfriend" for today. :)
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I LOVE this interpretation of Spike...the exaggerated scales and cheek...scales...whatever those are on him haha...and I like the cape too...he should always wear a cape...

Nice job on the details too...he has a bit of a worry on his face...whats to worry about when you are so damn cute?  Anyway I like this version...must draw more Spike!! =D
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Spike is on a quest , a Dragon Quest =p I'd be worried too if I was stuck in an RPG like setting where everything wants to end me. I actually like how this came out, I might do another.
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Do eeeeeeeett...
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Lookin' lots better than your first attempt I must say

Awwww deeeewd he looks so CUTE in your style ;o; I especially love the texture of his scales that you put all over him. And that cape is just way too adorable for "Spiky wikey"'s own good <3
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( ^^; You know the first attempt was just me joking around? )

Thanks Kito, He was fun to draw, cape too me awhile actually due to tail being in way..
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Yeeees I know that yew silly butt ;P

And I can definitely see that. There was a character I started to design that has a big ol' pirate's coat, but I couldn't quite figure out how to drape it with his tail sticking up x,D So I just sorta stopped midway :iconpinkiepieshrugplz: I really need to try finishing him though.
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I love dragons yes I do ;w;
I really love how you did this ;A; Thank you Mang for inspiring him xD
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Thanks, I'm actually surprised how it turned out for an on the spot doodle.
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O I know that feeling very well. XD
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