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Pelle Ohlin gift LATE by Synden64 Pelle Ohlin gift LATE :iconsynden64:Synden64 14 4 Spoony the Spoon by Synden64 Spoony the Spoon :iconsynden64:Synden64 0 2 New I.D. time by Synden64 New I.D. time :iconsynden64:Synden64 2 23 Look firmiliar? by Synden64
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Look firmiliar? :iconsynden64:Synden64 0 18
Satanic Turtle for... by Synden64
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Satanic Turtle for... :iconsynden64:Synden64 2 5
Borje's Journey pt11
It was late already. The sky was turning purple and dark blue, and my legs began to weaken with stress from running so long a distance in so short a time. Even though I was in a nearby forest-like brush far from my perusers, I could still hear the sirens wailing and scent dogs barking loudly. I quickly ran behind a tree to catch my breath. My heart was beating rapidly, and my lungs were filling with air continually.
"I don't know what to do" I said to myself, "All I wanted was to be free of that place. I never wanted to hurt anyone... What have I done... What have those people done... Maybe... This is all a dream? Yeah, that's right, all a dream. I'll wake up in my room and Lilly will greet me with the medications and her lifting words to keep me through the day; everything will be good." I convinced myself, as tears began to water my face. "Or maybe I will wake up, and I'll be a different person, or even who I was when I was little. All the hallucinations and all the beatings from Axe
:iconsynden64:Synden64 1 8
Vidar Caesar och Borje QUIZ
The OC Mental Torture Quiz
Choose 3 of your OCs. They can be from anything. Original stories, fanfic OCs, whatever. It doesn't matter. None of this matters.
1.Vidar Ragnar
2.Caesar Lang
3.Borje Bergström
1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the hell each other is?
Vidar : I hate the christians. And NO I have no idea who these people are.
Caesar :... I will kill you and your mother.
Borje: I am a guine pig for an asylum... and no, I've never met these guys before..
2) Great, great. So. Ever gotten a blowjob?
Vidar: What?
Caesar: DIE!
Borje: *busy eating Smörgåstårta* huh?
3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?
Vidar: Burning churches.
Caesar: Killing your ass.
Borje: Attemting to sneak out the asylum.
Vidar&Caesar:*looks at Borje in a concerned manner* Uh....
4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?
Vidar: Nope.
Caesar: If bathi
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Season of the Witch by Synden64 Season of the Witch :iconsynden64:Synden64 1 9
Mature content
Borje's Journey pt10 :iconsynden64:Synden64 0 3
Borje's Journey pt9
I continued to repeat patting my head against the wall for hours on end, not saying a word or making a sound other than the soft patting. I listened closely for voices outside the room, but came up with nothing but the cold silence of the ward. Occasionally, I dozed off, but dreamt of the horrid shadows and listened to the rapid voices that dwelled within. After awakening from another nightmare, I finally heard a voice; thinking it was my imagination, I listened very closely, and soon understood that what I heard was real, but it felt as though it were a nightmare...
"He's very unstable" A male voice spoke. "I think a few more doses of Largactil should help with his manic behavior, other than that, I'm not so sure... Has he complained of anything?"
"Well" An unknown female voice said, "I heard one nurse saying he mumbles about shadows in his sleep, and thrashes as though he is drowning... I suppose he is having frequent hallucinations. What do you think doctor? Should we test the new d
:iconsynden64:Synden64 0 4
Of all the things here by Synden64
Mature content
Of all the things here :iconsynden64:Synden64 0 5
Don't look away by Synden64 Don't look away :iconsynden64:Synden64 0 22
Borje's Journey pt8
After I awoke the next day, I looked curiously around the room, relieved that all of what I had experienced before was not some sort of cruel hallucination. I sat up in my bed, and happily stretched my arms. As I was doing this, I heard the door open. Behind it was a nervous nurse Lilly. She seemed to be afraid as to how I reacted the last time she entered the room, and this time entered with extreme caution.
"May I come in?" She asked in a whisper.
"Sure." I unemotionally replied.
She entered the room with meek steps and stood half a yard away from me.
"I heard from the nurses about what you had been through, Borje... I just wanted to tell you I was sorry."
I avoided looking at her face and did not reply. I felt betrayed that she would bring up such a subject... In a way I detested her for doing so, yet I couldn't blame her for being curious as to what I am. I suddenly lifted my head and gazed upon her expression of pity.
"Could you leave, please?" I said gently. "I believe that medic
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Cat doodle on the ole arm by Synden64 Cat doodle on the ole arm :iconsynden64:Synden64 1 7
Borje's Journey pt7
A few days later,(I predicted) I awoke in a hospital. It was both cold and moody with the all white scenery... I felt that the place I was in was no ordinary hospital, and that something of horrific nature may happen soon enough. Moments later, after I examined the room, a young female nurse approached me. She looked at me with a nervous smile and spoke.
"Hello sir, how are you this fine evening?"
"I'm fine, I suppose..." I replied calmly.
The nurse then stared at me with her glowing blue eyes. She moved her long and curly brunet hair with her hand and held out some clothes.
"Here is some robes for you... I'll check back in about twenty minutes for you to get changed and adjusted to the new scenery..."
The nurse gently set the clothes beside me and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her. I examined the off blue hospital robes I was given and in a few minutes was changed from my worn out and torn clothes I had worn before. I again, sat on my bed and looked about the room o
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Borje's Journey pt6
It seemed like a lifetime, traveling around in the forests. Occasionally, I traveled to an unknown town for extra food and new clothes... Although I felt horrible in stealing most of these things, since I had no money to buy food, much less clothes. Some people in a few small restaurants gave me food at no cost, because they could tell I was a runaway... When they offered to keep me with them, I had to refuse and leave immediately. "It was my own fault" I told them, "I have to solve my own problems."
As much as I loved the forests, the days that went by were ever so bitter. The days were warm and alive with animals roaming about; and the nights were cold and dead with only sounds of the owls hunting at night, with the occasional howl from an unknown source. In those nights I had time to think. Arvid and I constantly argued under the black skies often until day came. It was awful to be with Arvid... Sometimes I thought about just hanging myself or climbing then falling off of the tall t
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Wat you cal art, I cal an asylum for paper!

Random Favourites

Things that hav captured my atention on several ocasions


:iconblackcatgorey: :icon1ringtofindthem: :icongawerath: :iconmeaninglesstheories: :iconthisisanoutrage: :iconjodieism: :iconnummer2112: :iconsithicus-ravenlord: :iconmayaxxxx: :iconbshuffett: :icondragon2007:



The feed needs...
I'm a very... Interesting person, so peple say. My nam is Sin, Synden, D. Whatever floats your boat. I tend to say "Indeed" alot, and likes to wear a tophat...

I am currenly 16 years of age, and living in the states for now, but really consider Sweden my home... I have progressing spelling so far, and it tends to come and go as it pleses. I'm completly interested in the history of the Black Death, macabre poetry, Black Metal, and pretty much anything that I see interesting... Even robotics! 'cos then I can create an exploding robot one day... I have a pretty good interest in Science as well, gess you can call me a type of "Mad scientist". But, art has been my true interest for several years...So you either get busy talkin', or get busy dyin'. Want a small talk, or just interested in a good chat, just comment or note; doesnt matter.

Hej då, människa

Current Residence: In a box under the garbage can that is your bed...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Black anything is good.
Print preference: ...
Favourite genre of music: Only Black is true. Only Black is real.
Favourite photographer: Sithicus-Ravenlord dos great work! (serious check out his gallery)
Favourite style of art: Macabre, dark, depressive, black humored, etc.
MP3 player of choice: ... A deadly one ja?
Personal Quote: "Dra åt Helvette!!!", "Fan människa ..."
Ja, you heard me right. Metal Unicorns. Why? Look here… The game is addictive; the music is annoying. So, I did several tests with other music to see how it wents. In my opinion, these songs fit fairley well with the game:

Finntroll - Trollhammaren           Fits very well and is fun!

Morbid - Disgusting Selma
Morbid - My Dark subconsious        All of these were pretty good with
Morbid - Wings of Funeral           the game...
Morbid - From The Dark

ENSIFERUM - From Afar               Fits VERY well! Try it!

Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond    Fits pretty OK withs it. Not the sam
                                    beat, but a good song beside the

Donovan - Season of the Witch       This song acidentalley came up, but
                                    it was HILARIOUS with the game!

Yep... Went out of my way to tell you about a rertarded game. Oh, and on this website, there are videos of Metalocolypse there to! Sorrey I didnt get any other songs, I dont have anything else on this computer. And also, the reson why I posted this was cos this game reminded so much of Eris cos it was rainbow-like, but metal at the same tim... and the thing is a unicorn! a freekin UNICOOOOOOORRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!

And now for random shit.

I walked into the hallway one day and discovered a dog.A weenie dog. It ate a bananna that was siting on the sofa, which had several shit stains from your mothers' rings she almost lost in the divorse with a keybord and a paper klip. Suddenly!!! A satanic man eating moustach ran into the sene and destroyed the penguins planet names Uranus which tore apart your kidney and killed everyone on earth and then som
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  • Eating: nej
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