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Origami Panda Tutorial

Many people have asked me if I could teach them how to make a panda like my "Brothers".



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amazing work 
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This is so much work! :) These guys are so cute. :D I want to make a ton of them but I'm very slow at origami and get board easy.
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What you need is a long commute to school/work each day and a desire not to look at a laptop or smartphone screen any more! That'll get you hooked on the origami :)
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That is a very true statement. XD I'm more into listening to something while I work though. <3
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How many pieces of back and whit do you need?
i will make one for my little sister. She loves panda! <3
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Haha you do that, good luck! :)
Is the paper really 2.5 cm by 4 cm? I measured my paper out and if I use that, I have a lot more than you do in the tutorial sticking out in step 7.

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Ah you make a valid point! However it doesn't matter what size the rectangle is, in fact, as long as it's not a square and not so thin that the length is more than twice the breadth.

I was using A-ratio paper so this must have been around 2.5 x 3.53cm? :)
What is this technique called? Thinking of using it in my higher art design piece! I am a dummy! 
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I think it's called 'modular origami', i found some tuts on google by typing that 
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Finally found out how to make the chibi shape for my tiger. Very helpful!
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my girlfriend is going to be even more happy to get this one ^_^ we're the panda couples :3
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I've always wanted to see this made and I finally can!
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'fold as shown'.......its not exactly clear :nuu:
CloverSayaga's avatar
they are soo cute and it seems quite simple when you put it this way
camtu101's avatar
almost done ^___^!
LadyOfTheRosesxXx's avatar
Brilliant ! - Currently attempting this :) x
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I don't know how to do step 5...Why am I so hopeless?! T_T
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i tried doing it, but there weren't enough black ones. Are ther realy 44??
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