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Mare Genius: Bangladesh duPree

Bang was the easiest to ponify so far. Probably because she's such a straightforward character: pillage, burn, repeat. So: violent colors, grinning skull cutie mark, done. Perhaps she could be a pegasus, given all the flying around in airships, but I dunno. That rough-and-ready attitude feels earth-pony-ish to me. Also, I suspect she is a tough cookie.

Girl Genius belongs to Phil and Kaja Foglio. My Little Pony is property of Hasbro.

Others in the series:
Gil and Tarvek
Violetta and Zeetha
Baron Wulfenbach
Othar Tryggvassen
Da Boyz

Suggestions for ponification are welcome!

Done in ArtRage, using chalk and ink
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Maybe, Dupree, but the cutie mark is gonna draw a lot of looks.
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:) bang Dupree OMG now we need Zeetha and Violetta
With a cutie mark like that they might...
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Ok, let's see...since you've done Zeetha, you *have* to do Higgs (ship ahoy! :D).  And since you have Da Boyz, where are Zenka, Mamma Gkikka, and the other Jagergenerals? Not to mention Judy and Punch, the various assorted minions (von Zinzer, etc), and the other Sparks that are prominent in the story...
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Yeah, kind of petered out, didn't it?

I might add more at some point. I was intending to do von Zinzer, and I have one of Zola somewhere. Alas, there are Things Going On right now...
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Well, whenever you get to it, I'm looking forward to seeing them :D
velvetsanity's avatar
Gah.  Annoying lack of an edit button...
'Zenka' should be 'Jenka'... :P
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Unfortunately for her, the cutie mark is a bit of a hint she's not all that nice.
Rowan-Leaf's avatar
Sudden mental image of Bang let loose on Equestria...
*hides under the couch*
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This whole series is made of awesome.
Bang' is best pony!
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