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Mare Genius: Agatha

So there's this webcomic called Girl Genius. I like it for several reasons, among which is that the characters and their motivations are realistic and complex enough that there are maybe two unsympathetic people in a wide and varied cast; it's hilarious; and the main character is a an intelligent, talented, ever-so-slightly-crazy woman. Who wears glasses. And nobody cares about the glasses.

Also, it's about mad science. Lots and lots of mad science. Which contributes to the hilariousness, let me tell you. Ponifying the cast is not only fun, it's (probably) within the realm of Girl Genius's possibilities.

So here is our heroine, Agatha, ponified.

I got a whole series of these I want to post, so feel free to suggest characters. (Note: Not all sparks will be unicorns. I'm suspicious of the implications, and some people are meant to be pegasi. Or earth ponies.)

Others in the series:
Gil and Tarvek
Violetta and Zeetha
Baron Wulfenbach
Othar Tryggvassen
Bangladesh duPree
Da Boyz

Done in ArtRage, using chalk and ink.
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Wonder how they wound up like this
human-groveback's avatar
Shouldn't she be an Alicorn? I mean she IS part-deity & all.
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Well, looks like it's about time to analyse the specifics of unicorn magic...
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I love her golden mane.
Tuiteyfruity's avatar
YAY! I am not the only one who thought of this, and thankfully it was someone with art skills!
And you are so right, not all should be unicorns. In my concept, the more powerful ones were usually unicorns. (and jagers were half griffon, the more mutant looking, the more griffon-like)
you are really making me want to try my hand at drawing these guys ponified again!
I cannot wait for more!
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How's about Da Boyz? (Dimo, Ognian, and Maxim?)
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Workin' on 'em! (Oggie's my favorite.)
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I've heard of that comic, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. It sounds like a lot of fun. Lovely work!
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Though I don't know your feelings on the subject, I feel obligated to mention that the artist tends to draw women with... huge tracts of land. (To be fair, they also find many excuses to get the male characters' shirts off.)

(It's interesting, really: Agatha is mortified to be seen in her "underwear" - as modest as a t-shirt and shorts - consistent with 18th or 19th century modesty. The story has innuendo, but nothing dirtier than you'd find in Animaniacs.)
Portmeirion's avatar
Ah, I see. I think I feel the same way you do about that, but I'll give it a read anyhow. Thanks for the heads up!
Portmeirion's avatar
Whoops, sorry. Ignore this, my computer was lagging.
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I've heard of that comic, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. It sounds like a lot of fun. Lovely work!
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Very lovely picture! I am a sucker for artist who use chalk, so bravo to you!
SynCallio's avatar
Thank you! Chalk has become my favorite medium in ArtRage. All of the advantages and none of the mess.
Nobodyspatzy's avatar
I am tempted to try myself... the local places here don't have much selection though.. we shall see!
SynCallio's avatar
Digital or traditional? (Out of curiosity)
Nobodyspatzy's avatar
Well, I figure I would try traditional first (as I am also ordering some specialize water colors, and more colored pencils). But then again, I have a few "line art piece" (i.e. things I sketched and scanned very lightly with pencil, and am planning on building up from there digitally)

I'll answer traditional though. Most of my work is that! ;p
SynCallio's avatar
Well, sure! :-)

Digital's new for me. I was doing pretty much just colored pencils or ink until last year, when I got my first tablet. ArtRage's attraction is that it's trying to mimic traditional media, so it's intuitive if that's what you're used to.

But sometimes you just can't beat physical pigments and physical paper!
Nobodyspatzy's avatar
Oh indeed! I am hoping to one day blend the two together. I like the idea, and honestly, want to enjoy both types of art!
ElfGift's avatar
ALL of my yes!

I challenge you to ponyfie the (dun dun dunn) the CASTLE HETERODYNE!!
SynCallio's avatar
Oh my. I suspect it would turn out to be a draconequus.
ElfGift's avatar
lol probably.:)
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Hypothesis: a Spark is one who has a talent that might be seen geared more towards a DIFFERENT breed - e.g. a unicorn with a cutie mark related to flight - and then MAKES IT WORK, DAMNIT!
One way that could be set up:
Trilobite: a fossil, associated with earth, from a family of pegasi. Winged castle: the symbol of the earth pony family with zepplins and flying machines. And the Sturmvoraus family focus primarily on lightning and weather manipulation, despite being unicorns.
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