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ArtRage Colors: Prismacolor Premier

**UPDATED** Five colors have been added to the file: Olive Green, Pale Vermillion, Sepia, Slate Grey, and Blue Lake. So if you have my old file, go ahead and replace it with this one.


Would you like to use Prismacolor colored pencils in ArtRage? Of course you would! Download the .zip file from the "Download" button, unzip it, then copy the .col file into your ArtRage Paintings > Custom Content > Samples folder. Voila!

To make this file, I used each pencil to color in a little box on printer paper, which was scanned at 600 dpi. I white-balanced the image, then averaged the color in each box according to HSL. These colors were created from the resulting hex codes. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn close. The colors interact a lot like my real-life Prismas.

So far only 73 colors are available. Because I don't have the funds to buy them all. This palette is reasonably balanced - if there are colors you think I should have, feel free to make suggestions in the comments. I could probably use them IRL anyway. If there's a color you really, really want, please consider giving me 140 dA points, 'cause that's roughly the price of a Prisma ($1.79 at my local Blick Art Supplies). If you "buy" it, I will definitely add it.

But nevermind that: share and enjoy!

(Trivia: Several of the pencils used to create this file are over 15 years old. My original set of 24 languished in a drawer for more than a decade, and while I have been using them heavily in the past year or so, there are some colors that I just don't need much.)
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Great idea! I love PrismaColors, and now I can use them digitally. I have a few sets of physical Prismas and they're great, I just don't use them much because I'm more of a digital artist. When I work traditionally though, I break out my Faber-Castels and PrismaColors! Scanning in at 600ppi was a great idea. It increases the file size, but you get SO MUCH DETAIL in return. I mean, come on...look at that paper texture! Look at it! :)
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Um, if you're referring to the image above, that's not what I scanned. That's ArtRage's "Basic Paper" texture.

Still, thanks! I'd tried using the hex values that Prismacolor has on their website, but they just didn't look right.
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Oh...:iconderpyconfusedplz: Well, it's still very helpful, and the colors look great. I'm surprised the official hex values looked off; I'd think they'd be spot-on. I was trying to install this in Photoshop, but I may have to create my own swatches. I don't think Photoshop will recognize .col files. Then again, I only have a small handful of plug-ins, and they're either filters or panels, not swatches.
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I could send you the original reference scan, if that's easier.

Yeah, I thought the official hex codes would be perfect. Someone made a .col file out of them, and I used it for awhile, but it just wasn't right. I wonder if they were going off of the true color of the pigment, and if maybe mixing pigments into wax and other binders, then smearing them onto paper, alters them a little. :shrug:
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That's okay, I don't want to inconvenience you. I could probably make some pretty accurate Prisma swatches with the image posted here; I also have a flatbed scanner I could use if I wanted to try making swatches from scratch.

As for your theory as to why the colors were off, that sounds plausible to me. Even if Prismas are used on solid white paper, that white color is going to influence the Prismas. For true accuracy, I would think drawing on a transparency would produce the best results...but then one runs into a problem, how does one draw on a transparency with colored pencils?:shrug: Prismas are very smooth and leave waxy colors on paper, which is good for blending and general appearance, but could likely lead to a scanner or camera picking up incorrect color information.

Nerd moment complete!
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Inconvenience? Pfft. You're the one who has to download HUGE files, go through 'em with an eyedropper to choose, save, and label the colors. And read my handwriting. :-) I put 'em in my scraps. Never a bad idea to make backups, especially since this did take me awhile to do.
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My internet connection is pretty solid, and I can automate most of the "create-a-swatch" actions in Photoshop (Thanks Photoshop training!:D). Your hand-writing isn't bad; I can read it. Bonus points to you for saving the scans as Tiffs! And I definitely agree with you about backups. Sometimes, I even make backups of my backups. Ever since my hard drive crashed and I lost about 3 years of work in an instant, I've been making backups of EVERYTHING! :icontwilightinsaneplz:
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Another really cool idea! Thanks :D
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