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This reminds me of Monument Valley.
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Okay... Sonic Heroes Hang Castle x 4.  Also, TF2 ftw.
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For the people who dont know... this image is a remake of the etching entitled "Relativity Theory", made by Maurits Cornelis Escher in 1953.…
He made this piece in order to express how he comprehended the Ainstein's theory, which back then was first discovered.
Sync-7, really nice work... well done!!!
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well not me XD, thanks to my art teacher
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Calling David Bowie...
This is great!
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David f**king Bowie XDDDDDDD
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Bowie's on stairs...
Bowie's on staaaaiiiiiirs...
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like it a lot.. 
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And on one of these staircases, the Goblin King starts a song number!
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:jawdrop: rvmp OH MY GOD, THAT'S WONDERFUL!!
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This is an accurate model to show, how the strangers go along our path.
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You're really good with your perspectives! ^^ 
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Bringing it back, lovin' it :D
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When Escher designs video game maps, things get very crazy. :XD:
Can you imagine actually playing on a stage that worked like this?
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I was just going to say something along those lines.
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:spatial orientation headache intensifies:
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1. That s3xy Femscout.
2. I tweet this with #Escher
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Fascinating! Although its not particulary any possible dimension (except some distorted projection of 4th into 3rd), it still looks awesome!
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