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Through The Darkest Hour

Ah! My traditional blue scape, enjoy. Planets are meant to look "icy" If you were to visit one, it'd be glacierville.

Those 4 shooting stars were intended to be just that, but now I like to think of em as Saiyan pods. Heh.
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it looks like a smile!!!!!!!
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I used your picture here : [link]
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sayian pods nice haha loved that show
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Nice one, and a great album. ;) The planet composition works nicely here compared to a certain, similarly arranged piece. Still, I would move the smallest, outermost planet (top of the piece) across the site more to give the nebulae a sense of centralisation OR do so the larger planet just next to it. At the moment the right of the nebulae seems to be troubling to the eye due to the odd gap in planets. Simply moving one of those planets would fix this, I think.

Only other suggestion I would give is that the piece is rather homogenous in its contrast. It all has the same light/dark values it seems. I would add some contrast to select areas (your choice!), to bring out both depth and detail. But do so only carefully if you choose to, since it can play with the composition. I'd try with lower opacity burn tools in flow mode (longer you stay in one spot, the more strength - don't worry about this if you have a graphics tablet though).

Nice one overall once more, I can sense a lot of depth beneath the haze. ;p
Spaceroses's avatar can get lost in some of these space-scapes that you do! Great job with this really does look cold!
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one suggestion though, I think you should experiment making nebulas not in the center. Many of your pieces have centered subjects and the center is most of the times not a great composition, not saying yours are bad composed, but it would involve more motion if not centered.
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Brilliant - very similar to Dark reccolections though ;)

Great depth, as per usual. Keep it up ^^
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Haha verrry similar!! :P Thats why I removed the impact ;)
Thanks man!!!
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Ha, np ;) the similarity is a good thing ^^
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This is something Eleanor Ann Arroway could have seen...
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i really like the way you put depth to your space peaces
nice job, blue rulz :)
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whow.... :jawdrop:

you really need to teach me how you make your starfields :D
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Oh wow... now THIS is your best... keep getting better!
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i think you should stop doing space art. it would make me feel SOOO much better about my self. ;)

brilliant again man, each time it gets better. i love it
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Good stuff and great lighting, but I think the planets are a touch too.... shiny, give a bit of a plastic look to them.

But on another note is there a story behind the soon to be baked planet or is it another act of ROB. (ROB stands for Random Omnipotent Being)
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It brings a nice "cool" feeling. Amazing!
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Amazing... XD
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