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Photoshop Nebula Tutorial



Click DOWNLOAD for 12 Apophysis flame resources. Please credit me if you use them. I took the time to provide these for you, so its the least you can do.

Download more flames and resources here: [link]

Alright guys, you've been asking for it so here it is, if you have any questions, note me!

You will need Photoshop to do this, unless you want to use your own flames, then you need Apophysis... I've provided 12 of them for you guys to work with, there yours so do with them as you wish...

TROUBLE WITH APOPHYSIS: For those who have no clue about this program, as I've said before, you set the Variation setting (top of the program) to "Spherical". Then you go through the list of flames until you see one that is of your liking, then click the "Green" play arrow, this will cycle the flame through a transformation, then click the "black" stop square when you see a shape you like. Then go to file and Export flame... save it at a high resolution. Nice looking flames can be tough to come accross, so just keep restarting the program until you find ones you like. The program is free, all you have to do is google it.

Note: the majority of my nebulae are thoroughly painted over in Photoshop, to give that extra burst of depth and shape, so if you are having trouble getting flames you like, try tweaking them over in PS with some brushes or possibly textures. Try anything and everything, it takes time, patience, and most of all, trial and error.


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Time Travel by doclicio  used here very Thanks :-)