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My Little Pony Inside a Pink Heart Cage Necklace


:bulletwhite: Another necklace I made :heart:

[ I have increased the size of the picture... ]

It's an original My Little Pony figure inside of a pink heart-shaped cage.

She's a glitter pegasus pony.
The pony has a pink body
With a neon yellow mane
And a blue glow-in-the-dark bow.
Her cutie mark is a music note with CDs/Records.
The necklace is a black round pleather choker.

It's my favorite necklace! :D

I'm actually not sure what her name is, if anyone might know?

I got these when I was a kid. Still have a handful.
I always wanted to find a way to wear them.
So I made this one, My favorite one, Into a necklace.
I have another one I braided the mane to match the hair
With a pink and blue mane attached to my makeup bag.
And another purple/pink glow-in-the-dark with my G4 ponies.
The rest are in storage somewhere.

Hope you like it!



And sorry the graphics are so crappy..
I took this with a web cam...
So, Please, Stop pointing it out!



I'd like to thank everypony for all the :+fav: and lovely comments. :squee:

I have gotten MANY questions about this necklace.
(as well as my other one [link] )
And the answer is YES I will be making more.
More Steampunk and more My Little Pony themed jewelry.
I have also found more of my ponies in storage. ^-^
These are original MLP toys.
Some glow-in-the-dark, Some are glittery,
and some have special features.
When I make more, Yes, They will be fore sale.

:heart: Stay tuned! :heart:

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Your cute and delicate little toes offer a perfect accent to this photograph.
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Why thank you! :D
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WOW that necklace is beautiful and I can imagine the pony being very kawaii and beautiful ^w^
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What a beautiful comment.
Thank you so much! ^-^
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Cute necklace, but I can't help but feel bad for the little pony.
According to your description I'm going to guess that the trapped pony is the baby sparkle pony, Baby Firefly not to be confused with the baby firefly that's non-sparkly with blue hair.
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Nope. It's not Firefly.

Trapped?!? lol...

I've had this toy since it came out.
And it's collected dust over the years.
Sat in a box or on a shelve..

Now it's displayed and I wear it everywhere.
Definitely not something to "feel bad" for.
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I meant no offense, It's always great to breath new life into old toys :)
For a moment I thought this was a full-size baby G1, but now I can see it's much smaller then that. It's actually a Petite Pony, and sadly most of them didn't have official names. Good luck with your future sales, I'm sure these will fly off the shelves. XD
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And yes, These ones are very small.
Smaller than the blind bad G4 ponies today.
The ones with the horse shoe imprint underneath.
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Blind BAG* >_<; lol
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That's really cool! Sucks your camera isn't great though. :/
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When I get a hold of a better camera I'm going to re-take the picture.
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cool! Can you send me the link when you do?
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I'll be posting them here. :D
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I wish this were better quality so I could actually see whats inside of it.
SymzTew's avatar
I don't have a better camera.
I said that in the info.
It looks like an original small MLP toy.
KandieWolfeh's avatar
It's okay. If you have more I'd love to trade :) I make all types on MLP jewelry :heart:
SymzTew's avatar
Speaking of, I just found three more.
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Very cool. :3 I'm thinking of finding the rest of my ponies (in storage) And making a few more.

Those ones I will be selling.
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Ah well I make all kinds of stuff so if you every want to trade handmade crafts for handmade crafts, let me know :)
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Will do. Fluttershy is my favorite pony. ;3
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