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My Little Hero Academia

A cosplay game between oc Copper Plumey and Pinkie Pie
as Izuku and Mina and Toga Himiko as Pinkamina.
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(Pinkie Pie as Himiko Toga)

Mina Ashido: "Pinkie Pie are you cosplay as Himiko toga?

Pinkie Pie: "Yes since all of you told us about the villains in your world."

Kevin Trident: "It Looks like we going to stop you Villain hold on Midoriya."

Copper Plumey as Izuku Midoriya: "Help me guys!"

(Pinkie Pie as Mina Ashido)

Ochako Uraraka: "Whoa Look Mina Pinkie Pie cosplaying you."

Mina Ashido: "Hey your right Uraraka."

Kevin Trident: "It looks like you had a twin sister Mina heh heh."

Izuku Midoriya: "Now we had two Mina Ashido's."

Kevin Trident: "That was a good one brother."

Izuku Midoriya: "Thanks brother heh heh."

pinkie does look like mina a little but great work