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This was totally spontaneous lol
We got talking about things and one of the things I love is the skull and crossbones. Brian mentioned the idea of a little one inside the ear and I loved it. I kinda begged perty and Master said okay. He asked me what style I wanted and I had NO clue. He snatched the headband off of my head and asked "what about this?" I just flustered and said okay.

Now mind you I thought that it would be about the size of a ring [14gage] so I thought it would be fairly small and maybe take 10 minutes max.
Then he came out with this thing. It was HUGE to me. But Master liked it and so I got it.
It didn't scab, bleed, nothing. It's just done lol It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be.

Tat by Brian at Knight Times Tattoos
Pic by me
Model me

[pic of headband coming soon]
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That is such an original location for a tattoo!
I still need to get my first one. I still need to decide what I want to get before I can get it. lol
Cuuuute! And now you are forever a pirate lass!
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Sorry, i had to.

Don't let people whisper in your ear 'bout ';plunderin yer booty'.
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amazing idea. looks wicked. x
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Thank you :) I can't wait to get it in a photoshoot