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I'm absolutely awful at updating this website. I have about few months back log of drawings to update. Just finished posting February's drawings. Also, I don't want to do that sketch dump of drawings that I've put a lot of work into, therefore, I'm posting them individually.
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I find it weird when people say that I spelled it wrong.  What does it matter guys? really?

What I'm actually getting as is...I have one.  Here's the link:

I'll basically be putting whatever I do here and put it there also.  Unless it's not a drawing.  

Just got it, so there isn't a lot there.  

BTW: I've recently started reading the Hunger Games.  All I have to say....Kick ass.  I love it when there are strong female characters in a book, film, what have you.  I also love how Katniss loves her sister so much.  It reminds me of my relationship between me and my sister.  I got yo back Maddy!!
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Man, I've been so busy with school and work junk that I never have any time to do anything for myself.  What little time I have is spent on video games because I need to relax.  (BTW: Skyrim is awesome.  Just letting you know)  

SO! I have decided on my resolution: To make more time for personal projects like getting a comic together, or making a small animation.  

I've been teasing that it's the end of the world, but that's in winter.  Lol! Seize the moment! It may be your last!

Also, I'm graduating in 2013.  I don't need to die before then.  Otherwise I'll be an unfulfilled soul and I'll be wandering the world in hopes to fulfill my dreams.  D:  

Well, Happy new year all!
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Yesterday, I was stuck in an elevator with my room mate.  We had just come home with a lot of groceries so we weren't to concerned about us surviving.  We did call our other room mate to go get help so that was  covered.  It was funny because my room mate, Heather, whom I was stuck with asked me:

"So Dilynn, what is your deepest, darkest secret?" I look at her and go: "....That doesn't work here because we know everything about each other already."  

So, we laughed and ended up figuring out how to divvy the groceries we just bought and where to leave our waste.  (We decided in the plastic bags.) Heather ended up pulling out some music from her phone and we had an elevator party.  You know you're weren't invited.  We had chips too and cookies.  xD

All in all, it was a great experience.  If I had been stuck in an elevator with anyone else, it wouldn't have been as fun as it was.

EDIT: We did get out eventually, which wasn't very long and by the end of it we were singing "Do a deer, a female deer..." The maintenance guy was laughing because of it too.
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Well, with finals and all my binging inspiration ran out on me.  *sad face*  I don't even remember what started me going in the first place.  Oh well, I have our....ONE WEEK break to help me get back into the groove.  Now, i have a bunch of drawings all scanned and such, but I haven't the time to color them.  I promise you though, I shall!!!  >:D

Btw, I've been watching the Big Bang Theory, so that's probably the reason for the sudden stop.  xD  It got so addicting and it was as if I had actual cable!  I miss watching scheduled t.v. shows with commercials...I only get that when I go to My boyfriends house.  T^T  Television is a leisure that i can't afford by myself.  LOL!

Also, today was such a gorgeous day outside!  It was warm, not obnoxiously hot or cold.  I went to the market did some shopping, came home and pampered myself all day.  I even excercised today.  (something which i never do besides my daily walk to the BART.)
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I had this God-aweful stomach virus of some sort.  It all started with yellow loose bowel movement then it morphed into me vomiting everytime i ate a little of anything.  I didn't eat for an entire day in fear of vomiting.  I was, after all, at my auntie's cabin in Pollock Pines for the weekend.  Lol.  I took my boyfriend with me and ended up giving him the same virus.  Unfortunately, he has it worse than I did.  I'm okay now but I still feel like i can't quite eat as much as i used to.  

I just want this torment to end already!

And this is all on Valentine's day weekend.  xD  Ain't I grand?  I give my boyfriend the plague for Valentine's day.  This was the most unique V-day of all time.  I know that this is a sign that we'll be together through thick 'n through thin for a very long time.

Other than that I really enjoyed the scenery at my auntie's cabin.  It was wonderful seeing the snow-capped mountains in the distance among the trees.  It was a good get away from all the stress we've been taking on.
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