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get lifted

inspired by music....i luv listening to music and wanted to do something reflecting turned out a portrait with some headphones...heehee. I actually aimed for a light and playful mood with the colours I chose, but it seems some ppl find it to be more dreamy than playful...i dunno. Anyways, I am also trying to find a decent middle way between photorealism and a somewhat more painterly style...turns out to be a little more difficult than I would want it to be....but yeah, turn on some music and Let's Get Lifted

reference: [link]
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Was it CL's "Lifted" that you were listening to? lol :D
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yup i agree pls put dr dre beat headphone surely it will be awesome!
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I like your style ;)
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Lovely artwork. Fantastic job.
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wow seems like a mix cgi and painting
I really do like this piece as a fan of artwork and music I kinda wanna get this tattooed on me
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good luck!!
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Absolutely stunning. I am so amazed at how realistically you can do portraits. And this is just like, the epitome of them. The skin and hair..actually the whole image looks so soft. And the bright colors and lizard make me smile. This is a fantastic piece of work. :]
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wow... breathtaking.
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love your color!!!
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:heart: very nice <3
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Wow. This is absolutely beautiful. :)
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It's gorgeous and I love the lizard. :aww:
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beautiful, I love the hair
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magnificent!!! :D
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Trully beautiful, great colours !
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So beautiful and soft :D. I also love the little colorful lizard in her hair. Amazing job!
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your style is great :D she looks much better than the original :)
This my favorite picture ever! Plz Plz tell me wat programs and tools did u use to make this beautiful drawing. Plz
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