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Shatter Me- Ch 10
Chapter Ten
I was stunned. "Wh... What...?"
"Will you go to the ball with me?" he repeated.
I stared at the rose in his hand. It was a really pretty shade of pink and it had a pleasant scent. Then I looked back at Sonic, who was looking anxious again. "I... um... wow. You really caught me off guard."
"Haha... sorry..."
I took in a deep breath and smiled. "No one's ever asked me before... I'm flattered."
"Never?" he asked.
"Nope. I usually go with the gang anyway," I explained.
"Oh." He looked crestfallen. "I see."
He started to turn away. Realizing what my response sound like, I grabbed his arm. "Wait!"
He stopped and looked at me. "Yeah?"
"I didn't mean... oh, never mind. I'd love to go with you!" I beamed.
A huge grin blossomed on his face. "Really?!"
I nodded eagerly. He let out a "WOOHOO!" of excitement and then gave me the rose. I twirled it between my fingers and inhaled its sweet scent. Sonic looked really happy and relieved. "I'm glad you said yes, Robyn."
"You looked really pa
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Shatter Me- Ch 9
Chapter Nine
Have you ever felt completely conflicted, reader? Especially if the source of the confliction was your best friend, who was making you feel like you were strangers to each other?
That's how I felt, watching Chaos go back to class. I was stunned, and frankly quite baffled by what he meant. This wasn't the first time… what? What had he been trying to get at?
I was so upset trying to figure it out that my head started pounding. Since I had my stuff with me and I was near my locker, I called Alustriel and asked if she could come get me. I only had Orchestra and Gym left, and I knew Miss Hallins could manage without me for one day. In Gym we weren't really doing much since it was so close to exams.
"I'm sorry, Robyn. I'm at work. You'll have to ask Zoey," was Alustriel's answer.
Two attempted calls later, Zoey picked up. "What's wrong?"
Funny how she seemed to sense that something was amiss before I even said a word. "Can you come get me?"
"You realize you have a car, rig
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Shatter Me- Ch 8
Chapter Eight
“ROBYN! SONIC IS HERE!” Alustriel called from downstairs.
I slowly opened my eyes. “… Huhh…?”
I saw Chaos sitting on the edge of my bed, still in the shorts and t shirt he had slept in. “Sonic just pulled up. Better get going, sunshine.”
It took a few seconds for my brain to process this, and then I was instantly alert. “Shit!”
I practically threw myself out of bed and looked to Chaos frantically. “Can you stall him for like 10 minutes while I shower?”
He sighed and waved a hand at me before leaving the room. Within seconds I was turning the water on for my shower and hopping inside. I washed myself quickly and was out within several minutes. I dried myself off with my favorite blue towel, smoothed my fur down, and got dressed. I decided on my favorite dark blue jeans, a black sweatshirt that said “Violinist: will play for chocolate” in bold white letters, and my TARDIS-blue
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Shatter Me- Ch 7
Chapter Seven
In all of my time of being friends with Shadow the Hedgehog, I had NEVER seen him like this.
I mean, he was Shadow the freaking hedgehog. The most bad-ass, no-nonsense, straight-faced guy I knew. If someone messed with him or anyone he cared about, that someone was going to wish that they had never been born. A good example would be, yet again, Scourge. Back in seventh grade, Scourge tried to get Amy to do… let’s just say not appropriate things. Shadow found out when Amy showed up on his front porch crying her eyes out, and he went ballistic. The next thing we knew, Scourge came to school a few days later with two black eyes, shorter quills, and a broken arm.
Knowing this, and seeing Shadow as he was at that moment, confused me.
And then his words registered in my brain.
“Maria is… gone?” I whispered.
The room was silent. Kelly already had tears sliding down her face. Amy walked over to Shadow and buried her face in his c
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Shatter Me- Ch 6
Chapter Six
That afternoon sparked the beginning of an amazing friendship between Sonic and the rest of us. Just as I had predicted, he fit right in with us. He and Tails became fast friends, surprisingly bonding over chemistry. They were always talking about their class experiments (this led to Rouge affectionately nicknaming them “Geek One and Geek Two”). My brother really admired Sonic, I could tell. To my delight, he returned the admiration one hundred percent.
Shadow and Sonic had more of a rivalry than a friendship. The two of them were almost always butting heads. I had declared a tie for that race and while Chaos and Shadow hadn’t been surprised, Sonic was the complete opposite. Apparently he was one of those people who believed in a “final victor” or whatever. Chaos didn’t seem to care enough; he had only joined that race for the hell of it. Shadow, however… I couldn’t explain what was going through his head. But he entert
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Shatter Me- Ch 5
Chapter Five
I looked at Sonic, who was smirking almost in a triumphant sort of manner. Shadow merely raised an eyebrow at him as he took his earbud out of his left ear and twirled it between his fingers. “Very well, then. After school. 3 o’clock. Behind the gym.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Sonic grinned.
Everyone else was whispering amongst themselves, sneaking looks of surprise at Sonic every so often. Chaos stood beside me and placed an arm around my shoulders. I turned my head to look at him. “What?”
His aqua-blue eyes met my jade ones. Whatever he was thinking, his eyes weren’t telling me. “We should probably head to our lockers.”
I blinked in confusion. We stared at each other for several seconds before I shrugged and reached down to grab my bag. “Sure.”
We bid goodbye to the others and headed inside the building. I watched Chaos’ face for a sign of… anything. His face remained blank as we appro
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Shatter Me- Ch 4
Chapter Four
“Robyn! Are you okay?!” Zoey cried out as we pulled into the driveway.
I carefully stepped out of Alustriel’s car and smiled at my red-furred sister. “I’m fine, Zoey. Nothing’s broken.”
She ran up to me and examined my face closely. “Nice band-aid. Makes you look like you got a nose job.”
“Ha, ha. Very funny,” I responded sarcastically as I pulled my messenger bag out of the back seat.
Tails hopped out next to me and grinned. “Hiya Zoey!”
“Hey, little bro. How was school?” she asked.
“School was fine, same as always. Well, except for Robyn’s nose. Oh! We also have a new student in our grade, and he’s completely smitten with Robyn!” he exclaimed.
“TAILS! He is not!” I yelped.
Zoey raised an eyebrow at me, amused. “Oh? Who is he?”
I sighed and facepalmed. “His name is Sonic the Hedgehog. He transferred over from Knothole High.
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Shatter Me- Ch 3
Chapter 3
“Miss Hallins gave you the sheet music for ‘Shatter Me’?!” Chaos exclaimed.
The two of us plus Amy were walking down the hallway after class. They had demanded to know what Miss Hallins wanted to talk to me about, so I told them. I nodded in response to Chaos and handed him the sheet music. He scanned it closely and started humming the song as he looked through it.
Amy looked at me. “You’re so lucky!”
I started hopping up and down excitedly. “I still can’t believe it! I’ve wanted to play this song for ages! Now, not only do I get to play it, but Kelly gets to sing it!”
“Is this happening along with our concert?” Amy asked.
“She made it sound like that was the case,” I answered.
Chaos handed the music back to me and gave me a small, crooked smile. “You lucky son of a gun. I’d give anything to play a Lindsey Stirling song. Especially if I had an amazing violinist like yo
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Shatter Me- Ch 2
Chapter Two
“You must be bringing the new student then, Miss Acorn?” Mr. Turner asked as he turned to face the door.
A female squirrel with silky red hair and blue eyes stepped into the room. She was wearing blue jean capris, a dark green tank top, black converse, and a big smile. “Yes, sir. This is Sonic the Hedgehog, from Knothole High.”
She stepped to the side to let the new student in. He turned out to be a blue hedgehog with light green eyes. He was wearing a Knothole High sweatshirt, jeans that nearly blended in with his quills, and red shoes with a white stripe on them and a gold buckle. He had a black backpack on his back and a couple of textbooks tucked under his arm.
He had amazing eyes, too. They were light green, the opposite shade of mine. They shined with a sort of nervousness, but there was a hint of confidence too. I smiled when his eyes met mine, and he seemed to relax. I heard several girls around the room whispering about how cute he was and I
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Shatter Me- Ch 1
Chapter 1
A loud feminine shriek echoed throughout the room. “TAILS!”
A yellow twin-tailed fox started howling with laughter. “I’m sorry Robyn! Zoey told me to take you up; it’s almost time for school!”
Tails sweatdropped. “Oh boy… I’m going to get ready now, bye!”
He quickly left the room. I picked my wet pillow up and tried to fling it at my brother. The lucky little prick managed to shut the door behind him before the pillow hit the door with a squishy “thump”. I growled as I rolled onto my side and looked at my clock. 7:30 in the morning, and first period started in half an hour.
Great. Absolutely fantastic.
I slowly sat up and got out of bed. I padded silently over to my huge mirror to get a good look at the damage. I winced as an image of a dark grey fox with half wet, half dry hair and poofy fur stared back at me. My jade eyes looke
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The Dark Secret: Ch 3
Chapter Three
Riding in a police car was very nerve-wracking. Every time I tried to ask Lorenzo a question, he would ignore me.  He was very focused on getting to the station. His police radio chirped several times asking for backup and other officers would respond almost immediately. To keep the edge off, I called Mark anyway and told him what was going on. Going into lawyer mode, he told me not to say anything until he got there.
Half an hour after that call, I was sitting in the interrogation room. Lorenzo was outside somewhere preparing to ask me whatever he needed to ask me about my brother. I glanced around the small room and caught my reflection in the one-way window. I looked like hell- my clothes were rumpled and my hair was in disarray. I tried combing my hair with my fingers but that didn't seem to help much. My hair had a mind of its own.
Finally the door opened and Mark nearly stormed in with Lorenzo behind him. "If you're not going to charge her with anything,
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New Friendship
"BARRY! Slow down!"
"What's the matter, Braelyn? Can't keep up?"
"Why do you think I'm asking you to slow down?"
Barry Allen laughed and skidded to a stop. He turned around and saw a familiar blonde figure jumping from tree to tree. As she got closer, her hands glowed faintly and several nearby tree branches stretched up to her. She jumped on top of one and rode it down to the ground. Barry watched in awe as the branches returned to normal.
"Well, there's one difference between you and Oliver," he said.
Braelyn smiled and brushed several strands of hair away from her face. "I'm not as scowl-y as he is either."
"Very true!" Barry chuckled.
The two began walking further into the forest. Braelyn glanced at Barry for a few seconds and then looked back to the scenery. "So what's up?"
"Not much. I just figured I'd hang out with you today," Barry answered.
As they walked, Barry's eyes drifted to the silver ring on Braelyn's left hand. The sapphire stone set in it gleamed brightly. "
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The Dark Secret: Ch 2
A fifty dollar bill fluttered out of the card and onto the table.
I should mention that Jason’s family had a lot of money. His father won the lottery a few years back, and his mom was a doctor. Jason was their only child, so needless to say, the three Smiths were very comfortable and well-off.
I looked at Karleigh again. Her face was pale. “He did not…”
“He did,” I said while suppressing my grin.
My sister was always weird about people giving her money. I didn’t understand why. I looked at Mark. “Any comment?”
He shrugged. “Ryan, what do you want to say to Jason?”
“Auntie, tell him thank you!” my nephew beamed.
“I most certainly will,” I smiled.
Everyone else started handing their presents over. Ryan received a bunch of clothes, as well as a new pair of shoes and some games. For a five year old, he was very lucky. Mom snapped a bunch of pictures while Tommy tried to talk Ryan into sharing the fift
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Mature content
BB: Ch 3 :iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 0 0
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Nobody Loves My Character!
On making characters lovable, in your story and online
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Disclaimer: This is a troubleshooting guide, and it doesn't necessarily cover every possible solution. It's based on my own experience, and not every idea may fit every character or work. Please use your common sense and personal taste when applying this information. Thanks for reading!

It's every writer's nightmare: your characters, after all the things you've put them through and all the months or years they've inhabited your head, have been eagerly displayed to the public and received an unenthusiastic response. Your audience has not been enchanted. They do not drool, fall hopelessly in love, or draw fan art in droves. They don't even pick favorite characters or whine for more information! You've failed. Nobody understands your characters. Nobody understands you.
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I Have Writer's Block!
Don't panic. Don't bang your head against the wall. (All you get is a headache... trust me on that.) Writer's block requires a thoughtful, logical approach, so hating yourself will go nowhere.
The first thing we tend to do when we have writer's block is to leave the book. We close the file or notebook and say we'll get to it later. Well, sometimes that works, but sometimes we still haven't touched it a week later. Or a month later. At that point things get a little worrisome. That's why I've compiled this list.
1. Try taking a walk or bike ride. Sometimes you just need the time to yourself. I know you've probably heard this before, but that's because it works. Let your mind drift to your characters, and an idea may arrive.
2. Think about your book before you go to sleep. Sometimes you dream about it, which can provide ideas. Sometimes you figure out the answer to your writer's block before you fall asleep. (If you're like me, you'll grab the nearest Post-it, scribble down your ideas, a
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Hello everyone! It's been a while... again. I don't really have much to say right now, but I did want to get some writing announcements out for you guys.
Due to some recent events (mainly my dreams CLEARLY trying to tell me something), I will be putting up "Ruby Eyes" again, and I'm going to try to make some progress on it. I still have some of my ideas for this story locked away (in my brain, lol) and I feel very motivated to write more of it.
Depending on how well that goes... you guys MIGHT see the return of "A Difficult Reunion" (the rewritten edition, obviously). I can't make any promises for it right now, so we'll see how it goes :D
I also need to get the next chapter of "Shatter Me" out, since the chapter is kinda Christmas-based. *cringes because it's January* I might split it into two parts, one part being the Winter Ball and the other being Christmas/Winter break. I'm still mulling it over.
Other than that....... flu season sucks. :(
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