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Based On Kenny :iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 0 0
Shatter Me- Ch 11
Chapter Eleven
“He did WHAT?!”
“He kissed me,” I repeated.
Kelly looked like a goldfish with the way she was gawking at me. Rouge smirked. “I SO called it.”
I gave her a long look. “Rouge…”
“What?! I’ve been telling you for years that he has a thing for you. This proves that I was right!” she exclaimed.
I groaned and faceplanted into my pillow. Amy, Blaze, Rouge, Kelly and I were in my bedroom the weekend following the kiss. They’d noticed that Chaos and I had been acting weird, and today they finally got the story out of me.
Blaze rubbed my back sympathetically. “It’s going to be okay, Robyn.”
“No, it’s not.” My voice was muffled.
Amy sighed. “Have you talked to him?”
“No… he called once and Zoey answered. I pretended to be asleep,” I said.
Everyone looked at each other. Kelly hummed thoughtfully. “You need to talk to him about this.
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 0
You Don't Control Me
your name used to be
my own personal hell.
but I escaped your clutches
long ago,
and now your name
doesn't faze me
at all.
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 2
To My Siblings
Every day
I'm reminded that
you're growing up.
You're not the little girls
that I used to watch over
every summer
those little girls
who used to follow me
e v e r y w h e r e.
Begging to hang out with me
embarrassing me in public
and smiling
whenever I'd give in.
You're all chasing your dreams
and taking your own paths,
leaving me in the dust
and wondering where the years went.
I'm proud of you
just remember one thing-
please remember me
once in a while.
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 0
To My 18-year-old-self
don't trust the boy with
the wild eyes
and the tendency to choke you
with his tongue.
don't believe that boy
who twists your words
and plays the victim card
every time you fight
(and you'll fight a lot).
don't surrender to that boy
who won't take no
for an answer
and wonders why you leave
with tears in your eyes.
don't go back to that boy
who gets angry when you
n e e d y o u r s p a c e
and calls you all the names
in the damn book
(and then some).
just don't love that boy.
Because when he says those 3 words,
you should know-
this isn't love.
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 1 2
Me and You
You invade my dreams
Most of them are
Some are a little
Then there are ones
that make me
I worry about us
all the time.
Will you find someone
Someone who can grant your
deepest desires,
the ones you won't share
with me?
Are you settling
for me?
Am I enough for you?
Am I...?
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 1
You were another name
on my list
you showed me that
blond hair and blue eyes
will never be in my favor
of lovers that I desire.
And you,
you were also on
the list-
you showed me that
brown hair and empty eyes
are the most manipulative
"lovers" of all.
Then there's you
of black hair
and eyes I can't remember.
You were the first crush
that lived up to your title
(you crushed my heart into dust).
But your'e not the only ones
to have broken my heart
into little
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 1 0
Writer's Block II
the thing that
bothers me most
is a blank page
and a blank mind.
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 0
Writer's Block
I've been struggling
My pen remains
beside my notebook.
My characters,
their faces are escaping
Where was I going
with these ideas?
Why can't I tell
my stories
like I used to?
Is my dream
just that-
a dream?
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 1
the nightmares aren't
as frequent
as they once were.
but they still lurk
they're not of demons
and burning cities
death-filled screams
of the fallen and
begs for mercy.
they're of the day
you finally decide to leave me...
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 2 1
great-grandma II
I cried again today.
It's been on
and off
since that day.
That day I was told
you might not make it.
I came home
and my trusted one
wiped the running mascara
off my red cheeks.
Is it sad to say
I didn't cry as hard
at your funeral?
Because I think I knew
that day.
I think I knew
you had little time left.
It was just a matter
that little time
passing away...
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 1 0
Summers long gone
precious memories of
strawberries dipped in
and cherry tomatoes, hand-picked
Driving up and down
to see you, otherwise
I wouldn't get to
(the distance between us)
We lost Grandpa that winter.
That's when the strawberries
turned sour
and Grandpa's garden?
Nothing but dirt now.
Soon enough I couldn't visit
as often as before
(mom threw herself into work
and dad into his own hobbies)
and then my teenager years came.
Being with family bored me.
(I wish I could go back and change it.)
Now I'm an adult
living further and further away.
I see you maybe twice
a year-
No. I should correct that.
I saw you maybe twice
a year.
Because you're gone now.
Guilt still consumes my soul.
I should've tried harder.
But you're gone now.
and life must go
without you...
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 1 0
February 2017
Hell is...
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone.
I loved you.
How much?
It didn't matter
it wasn't enough
to make you stay...
:iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 1 2
Amy's Dress by Symphonic-Labyrinth Amy's Dress :iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 4 3 Blaze's Dress by Symphonic-Labyrinth Blaze's Dress :iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 3 0 Cosmo's Dress by Symphonic-Labyrinth Cosmo's Dress :iconsymphonic-labyrinth:Symphonic-Labyrinth 4 2
Oohhh, looky! More deviations!
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Most of them are written submissions. Because I am a writer.


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I have a lot of favorites in here... ^^;
Especially Sonic favorites.
But it's okay.


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It's the same routine.
She comes over
dressed in silk and lace,
loving the way his eyes
rake over each and every curve.

Not a word
is spoken.
They fall into each other,
desperate to fill
the void-

their kisses are desperate.

She wants to remember
what they had;
he wants to forget
what they were.

His hands slide
the lace off
his little silk angel
now she's only a bundle of curls
and smeared red lipstick.

The candle is lit
and soon she's begging for release
but he won't stop
until he's had his fill.
He's biting down on her
and his nails are digging
into her back-

proof that he was there.

Her skin is smooth
under his worked hands.
He loves the way
her eyes widen
and the candlelight catches them aflame.
He's drunk on her lips
and the feel of her around him-
but not on her.

She doesn't want to let go.
This, this is what they were
and she's scared
to forget that feeling.

But as the room catches the light
of the flame,
everything they once were
bursts and begins anew.
Based On Kenny
So apparently I wrote this at some point in the last year... and I don't remember doing so XD
*poem may or may not be based on true events.
Oh heck, I've been on dA (with this account) for 8 years now! o.o


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I am very spontaneous at times (mostly because of my friends). I laugh a lot. I have my own sense of doing things and being my own person. I'm an obsessive fangirl who loves writing, roleplaying, reading, music, and chocolate. Oh, and cookie dough ice cream. Cookie dough ice cream rules over all. *nod nod*
I don't bite~! So if you wanna talk about anything and everything, leave me a comment! ^^


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