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Ok, let’s look at 3 different versions of a song. Headphones def recommended. - I really enjoy Billie Eilish’s song. I think her writing and singing are really interesting and refreshing in our time. I also enjoy the video for this song even tho the particular kind of dark vibe isn’t generally my thing - but it’s great for the song. bury a friend By Billie Eilish - Now let’s look at a spur of the moment rendition by three guys, accompanied only by a guitar. Josh Turner is someone I’ve been watching on Youtube for a few years. He’s one of those artists you sort of get to see grow up and develop over a matter of years. His first video on YT is from 12 years ago, when he was 15-years old. At that time he’d only been playing a couple of years and he was already trying to cover Leo Kottke songs. Well, he’s all growed up now and he’s a really talented artist. The description of the video says, “Ben introduced me to this one - it's just so dang spooky cool. Recorded in a hotel room in
19 year ago today.. my DA anniversary. Woah. And July 24th will be two years as an employee.
Feeling so good right now. Son told me he wants to make a website. So I showed him Codepen, and we made a simple one about Minecraft. Just made some blocks and gave them different colors. Ivy came into the room at that point and gave us some 4-year