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Yep! They're open. Open, open, open!


Digital Paintings……
$50 for 1280x1024
$30 for 800x600
$20 for 640x480

Digital Inks…

Inked Chibis……
$2 for black, white, and extra color of choice
$5 for full-color
Hi y'all,

Well, I done did it. I done got myself an art-blog. I do have many reasons (or excuses): practicality, RSS friendly, more coverage, easy access, no crazy llamas, yada yada. So, without further ado, I invite you peeps to mosey on over and check it out. Ogle it shamelessly.

While you're gaping and gawking at the sparsely-posted standard blogspot template, I'd like to talk a bit about my current piece. Yes, it's another landscape with a classic vehicle. But, wait, there might possibly be a gorgeous babe in there... somewhere. If I find the time to populate it with humanity, that is. Curious already? Head on over to the blog and you can check out its work-in-progress.

Hey there, peeps.

After quite a bit more work, and dozens of procrastination bouts, I have reached the next landmark on my current piece: the finishing of the bus itself.

I'm pretty happy about how it's turning out so far. Next, I have to work on the background for that, and, finally, the characters in the focal point. Goodness, I love high resolution painting.

Hi all,

I'd done quite a bit more work on the piece, so, as promised, here's my work in progress.

As you can see, I've fixed the perspective considerably, and defined some of the shapes on the front.

Any feedback would really be appreciated. It's just at a stage where any suggestions or corrections would help the most.

Hi guys,

I'm pretty excited about my latest piece. It's really high res, and I'm trying to fill the entire thing with eye-blistering detail that will weld your retina onto the fuse of your skull. In a good way. Anyway, I'm taking all the crap I experimented with in "Route 97", and applying it to a different scale.

So here's what I'm planning: I'm going to post my work in progress every milestone. Now, because I work sporadically -- six hours one day, no work for five days, and suchlike -- I can't really post progress every week. I digress.

Here's the first one, so hold on firmly to your eyeballs.

Wish me luck as I struggle with tonsillitis!

A little update here combined with a little lucky winner bit.

Work on my huge painting has stalled a bit (I really hate perspective! Agh!) partially due to the fact that I ran out of music (more music or recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!).

So, while I'm waiting for my frustration to cool off, I'm going to work on a little small scale side project: your pick. Yep, free art, compliments of me. I'm thinking of something stylized, like a character or whatever you want.

One stipulation: I'll only draw one, so I'll be picking the best idea.
You kids have any suggestions for my next piece? Anything at all. I will consider, at least.

Gotta get me drawing more, you know. Leave a comment!
Yes, that's right. I'm giving out free commissions to people with over 10,000 views. What do you have to do for this? Put my artwork in your journal and link back to my page.

Drop me a message, wotcha.