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The Emperor of Sultoroth

Finally got some spare time to finish this single pic of Drake : D

A side of being the emperor that own lands riched with precious stones and gems in mines and also having an aknowledge Colosseum for fights entertaining, he´s also leader of a pride people which their language is strength and skills in battle.
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So, like Commodus? An emperor who fought in gladiator matches.

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Great to see this dragonic warrior badass once again. Him being both a leader and a gladiator makes him even more impressive. He could be a Spartan with his attire and demeanor too, I'd say. Epic work here, SymbolHero. B-)

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He's an emperor but he is participating in Gladiator colosseum fights?

isn't it a little bit dangerous for emperor or if you are one of his people, you do not wish to fight your own emperor or beat him in battle right?, but I guess that's fine since it's their language and pride. but If you are from another place participating in battle and suddenly you will have to fight the emperor who is actually the strongest champion.....


Nice and awesome art btw xD

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Good observation. The thing with my earth drakanians is that they believe in someone´s strength and that strength is what they follow. He doesn´t participate in any random tournament, he´s more like the viewer who know a person through their fighting skills. Time to time some challenge him to fight, but to reach him they must face with his selective fighters which can be gladiators, generals, etc, in order to gain the right to face him.

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ohohoho, you are now giving me a "Final Boss Vibe but you have to go face the mid-bosses first vibe"

I loved it! I'm already imagining a 3 man team fighting their way to the final boss xD

or maybe just 1 man since it's a gladiator fight? xD

btw, That's a very nice info ^__^

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For a gladiator, he's hot~

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More like an appealing look ; )

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Alright ! Big bad gladiator is here !

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Sure does òwó

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Much appreciated ^^

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