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The pain of loss cover by ninpeachlover The pain of loss cover :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 28 25 Guitarist Rosalina by ninpeachlover Guitarist Rosalina :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 175 53 Bowsette by ninpeachlover Bowsette :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 201 101 Loli Princess Peach Remake by ninpeachlover Loli Princess Peach Remake :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 142 42 DA 18th birthday by ninpeachlover DA 18th birthday :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 48 22 Smash princesses by ninpeachlover Smash princesses :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 225 56 Lolita Tabaata by ninpeachlover Lolita Tabaata :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 48 31 The pain of loss pg 5 (final) by ninpeachlover The pain of loss pg 5 (final) :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 33 43 The pain of loss pg 4 by ninpeachlover The pain of loss pg 4 :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 34 15 The pain of loss pg 3 by ninpeachlover The pain of loss pg 3 :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 27 22 The pain of loss pg 2 by ninpeachlover The pain of loss pg 2 :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 29 28 The pain of loss pg 1 by ninpeachlover The pain of loss pg 1 :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 27 28 Tabaata scketch by ninpeachlover Tabaata scketch :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 57 34 Tabaata shadow bug form by ninpeachlover Tabaata shadow bug form :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 39 17 Tabaata's true form by ninpeachlover Tabaata's true form :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 42 33 The new queen of Subspace by ninpeachlover The new queen of Subspace :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 56 40


Muscular Body Base by Gemstrike Muscular Body Base :icongemstrike:Gemstrike 8 5 Line Art Request Batch by Gemstrike Line Art Request Batch :icongemstrike:Gemstrike 9 17 Carbonado by Gemstrike Carbonado :icongemstrike:Gemstrike 15 6
Smash Switch Roster Idea Tag!
I may be making changes later, but here it is for now, with 63 in total:
A Smash-exclusive OC
Bandanna Waddle Dee
Bowser Jr.
Captain Falcon
Chorus Kids
Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong
Duck Hunt
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 6 16
A tribute to an old friend of mine
December 31st, 2017 was the last day :iconninpeachlover: was fully active on this website. The thing is, while she hasn't deactivated her account, she no longer has the finances to pay for WiFi. Perhaps she'll economically recover eventually, but right now, I can hardly imagine saying goodbye to a close friend, who I've been supporting since 2014 (Whether tackling cyberbullies or art thieves). What made her stand out was how she made free art for us on a seasonal basis, though I now prefer to give her stuff in return. Particularly, I asked for a lot of stuff from ninpeachlover, but for that, I also helped her out with one of her clubs. In the end, I would like to bring one more huge "thank you" for everything she had done for me throughout time.
This has been a fun ride while it lasted:
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 4 11
Rant: Top 8 Recent Cartoon Network Fails
Remember the times when that channel used to be full of good shows, such as Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and the original Powerpuff Girls? Well, things have changed in the 21st century, in which us old-time fans as well as the latest generation of children aren't so lucky with how since the 2007 Boston Mooninite panic, CN had evolved mostly for the worse, in terms of business practices and whatnot. To make it sadder, it used to be one of the most popular channels on television. Here are the reasons:
Killing Off Solid Cartoons
It saddens us that shows that have received positive reactions have either gotten very little consideration by the channel or ended too soon, despite what the fans want. Take Regular Show as an example. On the week of its finale, there was very little promotion, like no marathons whatsoever (There were unrelated movies instead). Yet, it is the bad shows that recieve marathons and all the other huge promotions, just because they seemed "mor
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 18 61
100 Truths
Tagged by :iconCall-of-the-Indie:
Just have fun and answer these questions!
001. Real Name: Kevin
002. Nickname: KPH, or Champ (both former)
003. Zodiac Sign: Libra
004. Male Or Female: Male
005. Elementary: Finished
006. Middle School: Finished
007. High School: Finished
008. Hair Color: Black!
009. Long Or Short: Short for my hair
010. Loud Or Quiet: Mostly quiet
011. Sweats Or Jeans: Shorts for the most part. For academy, it's jeans
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone (Like my S8+)
013. Health Freak: Sometimes; I like eating healthy food and playing badminton
014. Drink or Smoke: A no-no for both
015. Do You Have A Crush on Someone: No. ;_;
016. Political orientation: The very center
017. Piercings: Nope
018. Tattoos: Wore temporary tattoos before
019. Airplane: For vacations
020. Car Accident: Scratches for a few cars
021. Fist Fight: No?
022. First piercing: Nope
023. First Best Friend: Someone named Ryan
024. First Instrument:
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 1 5
The proprietor who got his revenge on my friend
Welp, I should've written this a long time ago, but it's better late than never. In a nutshell, do not join thenintendoladies; it's been stolen from the old founder.
When running a club, it is important to to maintain a fair relationship with your members, by communicating with them especially whenever they ask questions; indeed, they do have to read your rules carefully, but you should also make sure to consider their rights as well. In addition, the only time when you should decline their art is if and only if they don't meet the written requirements in the rule list. But aside from that, it's only ethical that you accept all their eligible art, regardless of differences in quality and presentation, as well as silly personal issues with your members.
Unfortunately, there has been one admin, or a manager of particular groups who silently declines random art, even if they meet the requirements. And when his members ask why their art are declined, he simply hides thei
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 11 5
Gamer Meme
Tagged by :icontheagentofvenom:
1. You started to play videogames at the age of...?
2. First game you ever played?
Kirby Super Star
3. First console you owned?
4. Consoles you own/owned?
SNES, GBA, GCN, Wii, Wii U
5. Your favourite genre(s)?
Platformer, racing, action
6. Favorite game character(s)?
Mario, Kirby, Link, and Pikachu
7. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)?
Gameplay, duh!
8. You don't care about ...?
9. Prefer PC or Console?
10. Okaaay nao your 3 Fav games?
Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2SSB Wii USkyward Sword
13. Ever played an online game, if yes which one(s)?
Like Mario Kart?
14. What do you think about ...Tomb Raider?
15. ...Tetris?
16. ...Sonic?
Sonic Transformed?
17. ...Spyro?
18. ...The Sims?
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 1 0
Well, how do you know?
Looks like I have 100 watchers, and to celebrate, I will be starting a special tag!
Here are some questions:
If you were Godzilla, how would you adapt?If you have to pick two fruits and one veggie to make a smoothie, what would they be?If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?If you had to choose between a diet with only RAW meat, or one with just kale, what would it be?What is your most favorite artist in this website?Would you eat a whole bowl of caterpillars for $50,000? How would you behave if you met Trump or Clinton in person?Are children better off hearing fantasies, like the Easter Bunny, or the real world?Is Pokemon GO worth traveling the world, even to win a prize?Would you rather marry someone pretty but mean, or someone ugly but nice?
I tag: :iconSweet-Sharotto: :icontheagentofvenom: :iconSteveFoxFan: :iconSuperAbachiBro: :iconNintendoGamer5000: :iconKatLime: :iconpewpew098: :iconCall-Of-The-Indie: :iconBradMan267:
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 1 7
Stolen Meme
Tagged by :icontheagentofvenom:
1. Do you play Five Nights At Freddy's?
    - Nope.
2. Do you know Akidearest? 

    - Uh uh.
3. Who's your husband/waifu? 
    - I don't even have a girlfriend now.
4. What's your favorite Vocaloid song? 
    - Hard to say, I like tons of them!
5. What's your favorite anime? 
    - Do faux-anime like Avatar count?
6. Who's your favorite video game character? 
    - Kirby.
7. What's your favorite color? 
    - Sea green
8. Who's your OTP? 
    - Not really into shipping.
9. Who's your best friend?
    - Honestly, hard to say...
10. Tell me a funny story that happened to you.
    - I accuse myself for forgetting things only to realize that I have them all along.
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 1 0
Skyrim O'Donnell (REQUEST) by Gemstrike Skyrim O'Donnell (REQUEST) :icongemstrike:Gemstrike 4 3
The Origin of Bowser: Part 7 - The Tragedy (FINAL)
    Final Chapter - Betrayal and Power: When Bowser Becomes Evil (Continued)
    “It looks like you really have turned evil after all!” replied Nascosto. “Time to settle this once and for all, turtle trog!”
    Darwin aimed at the Koopa with his electroshock weapon whereas Bowser was charging up one big Hyper Beam; as they were about to destroy each other, Rosaria suddenly sprinted to the midpoint between the two. As for Charlotte, she came outside to watch her.
    “STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU! PLEASE!” she shrieked, putting the two to a halt. 
    Bowser and Darwin held their fire.
    “Rosaria, you’re here,” said the dragon turtle with his eyes filling up with tears. “W-w-why have I completely forgotten about you especially after my transformation? I-I-I never wanted to leave you and the kids in the first place. W-w-when we were apart,
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 2 0
The Origin of Bowser: Part 6 - A Dark Direction
Final Chapter - Betrayal and Power: When Bowser Becomes Evil

    “Let’s have a seat. Consider the time when you were a child, you wanted to steal the Super Happy Tree at Yoshi’s Island and the Cobalt Star,” said Lord Gothic. “You did all of those evil deeds so that you could get what you wanted, am I right?”
    “Deep inside, I was pretty lonely and that no one wanted to play with me,” said Bowser.
    “So you stole those artifacts to make you feel better, AND that since your parents saw you as a gifted child, you felt like you deserved everything. Moving on, let’s talk about the time when you were bullied by Darwin Kurosawa and those kids at elementary school. They hated you for the monster you were. And once they crossed the line, you destroyed Apricot City due to your anger and pain.”
    “I put that memory aside, and now I’m doing whateve
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 4 2
The Origin of Bowser: Part 5 - Secrets
Chapter 20 - Operation: Rescue Rosalina (Narrated by Rosalina)

    This is Princess Rosalina, and I will be telling this segment of this story. You have been wondering if Bowser’s wife Rosaria relates to someone who “looked after the Lumas”. You see, the white-haired girl was my daughter who I sent away to Earth to give the Koopa someone to love.
    It all started after the marriage between me and my husband, when we had a desire of raising someone with unique traits based on what we dreamt of rather than those of what we had. This was all because Lubba the purple Luma recently bought us a book that taught us how to create a dream child using various forms of cosmic energy and magic. As we were interested in following the book, what we wanted was a beautiful daughter, with cotton-white hair symbolizing light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity, and sapphire-blue eyes representing peace and serenity. We also wanted her to be complet
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 4 0
The Origin of Bowser: Part 4 - Path of the Teologo
Chapter 18 - The Chosen One
    A week has passed since Bowser last mentioned anything about the humans outside home, despite being visited by the beagle. Not only that, his appetite decreased as he gave up snack time and desserts, he spent far less time with his siblings, even John, and he suffered from insomnia, in which he frequently received nightmares focused on being treated like a monster by all of the humans; all of his activities were aggravated overall. Since these symptoms of the king’s recent depression, all of his citizens have been giving him various presents like flowers and chocolate, signifying how much they appreciated him. This made the dragon turtle feel considerably better, but nonetheless, he was still sad.
    Far along, he received a titanium-textured letter, which contained a sheet of graphene, an atom-thick crystalline allotrope of carbon known for its near-indestructibility. This sheet “turned on” and showed a pict
:icongemstrike:Gemstrike 3 0


.:White Anemone:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:White Anemone:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 7 1 .:Natsuhiko:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:Natsuhiko:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 6 0 .:Little Red Nanami:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:Little Red Nanami:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 9 0 .:I want to be with you too:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:I want to be with you too:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 5 1 AT: Song of the Forest by Sweet-Sharotto AT: Song of the Forest :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 13 3 .:Beautiful Future:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:Beautiful Future:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 20 3 .:Love and Happiness Forever:. by Sweet-Sharotto .:Love and Happiness Forever:. :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 12 0 18 years by Sweet-Sharotto 18 years :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 8 0
Where did Sharotto go? (Recent Updates)
It's Time for me to stop dodging the bullet and FINALLY write something...
Hello my friends and fellow artists. I'm sure you guys noticed that I have been absent since February (For Reasons I don't wish to explain). And that I haven't been posting much as of recent. 
You probably noticed that I haven't been posting much often. This is because I've been trying to pick myself back up and trying to get back on track with BOTH Commissions and Art Trades. And as of this month I'm returning to production.
How DeviantART Changed Me As a person:
This is something I've been wanting to discuss for a really long time. How this website changed me as... well me. I started out as just an attention-seeking little brat who just wanted popularity, but as time went on I learned many things from many deviants. Heh Now look at me and how far I've come.
Have I Lost My Love for Kid Icarus?
No, it hasn't. I've just been focusing on other things, namely NORN9. Just wanted to get that out of the way.
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 2 1
Luma Mom by Sweet-Sharotto Luma Mom :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 36 5 Smash Girls Dinner Party (Secret Santa) by Sweet-Sharotto Smash Girls Dinner Party (Secret Santa) :iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 13 17
Queen Charlotte's Interview
Stole from Symbiote-God 

1. Where were you born?
Queen Charlotte: I'm not sure, possibly somewhere in New Skytopia 
2. What's your favorite colours?
Queen Charlotte: Turquoise amazonite heart bow a  
3. What's your favorite food?
Queen Charlotte: Venison Vegetable Soup
4. What's your favorite drink?
Queen Charlotte: Hot Apple Cider
5. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Queen Charlotte: Dark Charlie 
6. Is there anyone you have a crush on?
Noriaki Sugiyama~ 
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 2 0
Gamer Meme
Tagged by ninpeachlover and Symbiote-God 
1. You started to play videogames at the age of...?
That was a long time ago I think in 2009
2. First game you ever played?
Tinkerbell the DS game
3. First console you owned?
4. Consoles you own/owned?
DS, 3DS, Wii U
5. Your favourite genre(s)?
Shooter, Fighting
6. Favorite game character(s)?
Blinking Pit 2 (Request, Ask before use!) Dark Pit (Request, Ask before use!)Palutena Thinking Chat IconViridi Proud Icon 
7. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)?
Honestly I don't know
8. You don't care about ...?
I have no idea about this
9. Prefer PC or Console?
10. Okaaay nao your 3 Fav games?
Super Smash Bros
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Nintendo Land
11. 3 Games you didn
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 1 2
1 Year!
My DA Is finally One Year Old!
Thank You to all my watchers and friends for these awesome months together!
"Arigatō Kara Amai Sharotto"
(Thank You from Sweet-Sharotto)
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 5 5
Back to School Meme
Tagged by :icontheagentofvenom:
1. When do you start?
September 1st
2. What grade are you in?
Going to 9th
3. Least favorite subject?
4. Most favorite subject?
5. Scale of 0-10, do you like school?
6. You think education is important?
7. If there was a deviant that suddenly became your new classmate, who would that be? 
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 3 1
Dark Charlotte's Interview
Stole this from Symbiote-God
1. What is your name?
Queen Mistress Dark Charlotte Raven Evangeline Kuroma or Mistress Raven
2. Do you know why you are named that?
Not Really...
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Have any abilities or powers?
Dark Powers and Most of it comes from the nightmare demon I made a pact with, Queen Bennalyn
5. Stop being Mary Sue.
Um What is a Mary Sue
6. What's your eye color?
7. How about hair color?
8. Have any family members?
Deceased Parents, Husband, Son and Daughter
9. Oh? How about pets?
A Snake named Oroc
10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
I hate a lot of things
11. Do have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? 
Hunting down Angels (Excluding Pit and Dark Pit)
12. Have you ever hurt anyone
:iconsweet-sharotto:Sweet-Sharotto 2 0




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:icongemstrike: My "running man" and a great friend. He runs several Nintendo-based clubs like the successful group, thenintendogirlsclub, and has managed group collabs over the years. He also creates digital art and wrote some interesting fanfiction. Also, a man of justice who helps in solving daily issues that trouble the community.

:iconninpeachlover: One of the first artists I've watched on this website since my arrival. She's the greatest artist out of everyone else here because her style of drawing is original, radiant, and has dramatically improved her art since, which is something to be praised.

:iconsweet-sharotto: She's another artist and an awesome friend of mine who has improved her drawing style since. I suggest checking out her profile because that took quite a lot of effort and coding to do. Very impressive, I'd say! Her art is also so cool and yeah, you can learn a lot about her.

:iconmathematicgreen: He's a good friend who has been doing similar things as I have: writing stories, producing art, etc. Check him out for sure!

:iconmegamikoyex7: An excellent friend and very talented artist, and an avid anime fan like me. Of course, you gotta go check him out for sure.

:iconsonpikachubound2006: A fellow fan anime and video game and a good friend. He's someone you can go to and offer cheap commissions and he'll get it done in less than a day. Next commission I want is going to him.

:iconazures-legacy: Her friend passed away not long ago, but she has helped in restoring her friend's legacy by co-creating an account in her honor, along with her other friends. The story of her friend has changed me because apart from her, I live in an entirely different environment where I face different issues (I come from a low-income neighborhood in New York City). It was important for me to understand where other people are coming from.

:iconprincesskaelen: She's a very gifted artist and an amazing person to get to know! I strongly recommend watching her because of her hard work and perfect style of artwork. Watch her because she really deserves it.

:icongaming-fairy: She's a talented artist/writer. She also wrote a fanfiction centered on my ultimate OTP, which has inspired me to do the same and write about my OTP :). Go watch her cuz she deserves more love, and HYPE!!!

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Warning! No break SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!!Warning! No break

If you haven't watched the Venom movie yet, please escort yourself from further reading this journal! This is your only warning!

What's happening, guys? So, last night, I watched the Venom movie that just came out recently. And to be honest, I was really disappointed with how the entire movie went down. So I had to go watch it a second ti... (no, I'm actually lying. I only watched parts of it online for free, plus I was too busy to go see the movie entirelydon't ask how). But let's detract from that, and focus on critiquing the movie.

Disclaimer: Now I know that the movie did fairly "bad", according to some people, but this is my opinion, so I'm calling the shots. Fight me if you wish, it won't change a thing. And I could care this amount. Also, this critique is going to be all over the place, since this is a first, so bear with me guys.

Okay, let's get into this. Venom, overall, certainly entertained me for how the Venom symbiote's portrayal went by. He was not only a pain in the ass to Eddie Brock but also the only true friend Brock ever had. The relationship between the two was as close as it could get. The Venom symbiote was really the only reason I went to see the movie in the first place. However, I despised the backstory of the Venom symbiote. Venom was referred to as a loser by his people, not true. The only reason why the writers decided to add that was that 

As for Eddie Brock, I felt as though Tom Hardy should have done a better job in his portrayal of the character. Admittedly, the first few minutes of the movie where they introduced Brock as a famous journalist caught my interest. Especially when Drake ruined his entire livelihood, I 'felt' the downfall of Brock as he lost his job, his ex-wife/girlfriend, and his apartment. Tom Hardy was not a bad pick to play Brock, but my only push is by the next film, there will be improved changes.

As for the main villain, Carlton Drake, and Riot. This is what I hated. Out of all villains, why pick Riot? As for you non-comic readers, Riot is actually one of the spawn of Venom during the "Life Foundation" arc, where he tracks down Brock along with the other children of Venom: Phage (in the movie), Lasher, Agony, and Scream. Don't get the wrong idea. I liked Drake's portrayal in the film, even though he was a complete dick throughout the movie. I understood what his ambitions were (to evolve the human race, kinda like Dr. Genus from One Punch Man who created the House of Evolution to realize his dreams to evolve humanity). I think that comparison and the evil ambitions are what made Drake a good antagonist. It would have been better if they only made Drake on his own the primary villain, or better yet, with a rival original symbiote that merges with Drake.

The climactic part where Venom and Riot dueled as the rocket was about to take off was brutal and one of the better scenes. For some reason, it didn't stick by me. Just for the fact that the goal for Riot was to retrieve millions of other symbiotes to invade Earth...i-it just doesn't make sense as to why that was the mission for the symbiotes all along. Even for the fact that Venom once shared that idea, but dropped it because he said Brock changed his mind. Like what? That was about one of the most cliche liners in the film. Sure, it makes sense Brock changed him, but just why? Maybe it's just me complaining about the quality of the film's plot. For the most part, it's always the plot that switches the tides of whether or not a movie is good or bad (something along those lines).

Before I close out, I'd like to talk about the end credits since I never skip the end credits, unlike some people in the theater. To give a basic description, we are teased with Cletus Kassidy, otherwise known as Carnage, the first spawn of Venom. I was really hyped for that. Practically mental, lads. Kassidy is locked in prison because he's a serial killer, and Brock is the one who brought him to justice and exposed the serial killer's crimes. I can't exactly remember was Kassidy was saying, but the moment he said, "There's going to be carnage.", it went silent, and I had no words, but hype to express. Carnage is undoubtedly my favorite Marvel villain. Crossing fingers and praying to the almighty Lord that the Carnage movie is light years better than the Venom movie. Ah fuck it, I already know the Carnage movie is going to be fire.


"Have a nice life." - Venom, 2018

No need to explain further...
 Venom durrhurr icon Venom Icon 2 Venom Icon 

Alright, guys. So, what’s happening? Welcome to a new segment I like to call Light Night This Happened (LNTH). While I’m still sick from the flu, I just needed to get this off my chest. And also to remember it. It was really a dream; a very mad dream.

So the dreams starts off with me and my m8s from high school, and for some reason, my brother’s who’s four years younger for me. We all ride the city bus, which for some reason was empty. Then, it transitions to a car with one of us driving all the way to my old apartment complex fuck’s sake I’m losing memory

It starts raining. We meet up at the bus stop right in front of my projects. The raining is somehow so severe, the road becomes a flooding river.

Apparently, I had some supernatural abilities. I was able  to transform my m8s, who for some reason were forms of water, back into original shape. And also, I had teleportation abilities and rapid speed.

Next comes when I fight someone. It was a long haired woman with jet black hair, who was in disguise of a ninja (just like one of those ninja Yiga clan members from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild). We fought and I was obviously dominating with my strange superpowers. There were other people, and they looked somewhat baffled on how I was able to possess that much power. To be fair, they were probably brain-dead. I was soon knocked into the flooding road that felt like a 6 ft river. But I was just getting started.

And then the worse part happened, I woke up and it was exactly 10:30, 30 minutes before my first class. Luckily I showered late at night. I got up, took my pill and drank my medicine and paced myself for another Monday.

I’m going back to that dream smh

Well, that’s all we have time for. Lemme know if you have experienced a strange dream in the comments or in notes. And hopefully I’ll recover til then. Peace.


Phase Two of my movie Super Smash Bros. Return of Tabuu is coming on December 1st! Also my fourth anniversary! And a possible Core giveaway + art feature in the future. We’ll see.
Lol I got banned from a Discord server. I triggered them with one meme! That was my mission all along! :XD:
.:For Gemstrike:.
This is a gift to one of my closest friends here. So basically I told him I wasn't gonna make him a gift, saying that I wasn't going to get him a gift. But, I managed to fool him and drop in my gift. A picture of Steven from Steven Universe in a custom Goku-gi with the Gem logo.

Kevin, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday! Free Birthday Icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday Glomp emoticon Spideypool - Happy Birthday 1 Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2 Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 


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