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I realised it was a worthless and time consuming exercise to vote on the favourites and featured. So I have removed the voting system. Whatever you submit now will be automatically approved. Also feel free to invite other SID friends. To those of you who have submitted to favourites and featured will have to wait a while because they seem to fall into the pervious settings still. Also, the others should quickly check their group messages and vote so we can get those out of the pipe.

So I'm new to this administrating dA group thing and it's not easy, by which I don't mean handling the group is a difficult task, I mean to point at how badly designed it is. Everything is really confusing and I've found it that way about dA since the day I signed up. Apologies if you don't feel the same.

In any case, I figured a new thing about the featured wall. You can submit your entries to featured if you think it's worth being on the first page (which you should always regard your work to be!) and then every member gets a message (check your group messages from the left hand side panel in your inbox) in which they have to vote. I felt that voting for featured would be a good idea that can keep the best in the featured. To test this I have submitted an artwork to the featured wall so please check your group messages.

It's the same deal for favorites. Abhay has made many folders that you can submit to which most you have done. Keep submitting as much as you can (even if it is all you deviations!) so we can see each others work. You will find that there are people on the list who you knew but were not "watching". Send out contributor invitations to people. I have changed permission for contributors to be able to send invitations. If you face any problems let me know.

Have a nice day!
It's nice to have you here.
Get other people to join in as well.
Submit countless amount of work but refrain from spamming and advertising.
It's nice to finally have a place where we can see work coming out of SID.

P.S.: I have named the group something descriptive and generic. Feel free to submit suggestions. :D

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