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The Wind Flutters

Made a parody poster of one of my favorite animated movies
"The Wind Rises" by Studio Ghibli, my favorite animation studio. :D

EDIT: Fixed a big typo. My mistake =w=

Hope you guys like. This was really fun and I learned how to make and use brushes more. lol :3
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No words.

Pinkie Pie: CHEER!!!

Whohooo! You rock!

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Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg I FRIGIN LOVE THIS

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(It takes a lot for me break out of character and get serious and this is one of those times. Symbian, I have been an admirer of your art for years and you have one of the cutest art styles. However, this is truly a breathtaking piece you have made here. I think you really outdid yourself on this!)

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That is one great animation. So Twilight is the plane engineer?

Wonderful work.

How do I download the full resolution version? DA is missing the download button and the preview is reduced in size.

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What's so wonderful about this is that it truly looks like a Studio Ghibli movie cover! I'm not into MLP, but this art requires acknowledgement. Beautiful job! It would be funny if this picture inspired an actual Ghibli MLP movie.
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This is so pretty!

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This looks really good :]

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One of my favorite Ghibli films!

Makes me wish someone would do an MLP version of Howl's Moving Castle with Discord and Fluttershy.

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I had the same thought.

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This is fantastic!

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Oh this captures ghibli so good, well done!!

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After all, that anime is a classic of that time
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that looks so beautiful

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you mistake the name "flutershy" you forgot to add olther t

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Fixed it. My bad =w=

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the okay im not mad

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