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The Tale of Princess Luna

I wanted to try to emulate the style of the cover of "Princess Kaguya". Another Ghibli film.
Less known and really underrated, imo.

Did not emulate the style as well as I would like but it was a fun experiment. :)
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Love it! Please keep doing the Studio Ghibli parodies. They are lovely and well thought out. :)

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This reference has layers.
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Masterful done.

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If this was a real movie, I‘D PAY ANY PRICE

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So would I! And I'd pre-order the BluRay!

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I can see where she also wouldn't want to go back to the Moon.

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Did you ever read the comicbook story in which Luna not only returned to the Moon, but also confronted the same set of shadow-creatures that transformed her into Nightmare Moon? It was a really excellent story, 'cuz it depicted Luna facing & overcoming her own fears and insecurities. Highly-recommended.

Especially for the surprise mane hero turned villain. All that I'll say about that darling is it's Awesome. Try to guess who the true villain is from that last sentence without reading the comic and you win a billion imaginary points from me.
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I also liked the dream-sequences at the beginning of the story, in which you discover each of the Mane 6's personal insecurities & deepest fears; I thought that was a fascinating concept, also well-executed.

For me the surprise was how dark it got. If you read the Nightmare Moon solo comic you can see how this comic that we are talking came to be.
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