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Sweetie and Button go Mining

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash go on a Minecraft Adventure. And probably fall into lava or something. =w="
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“Don’t mine at night.”

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Lets kick some ass! I mean, pick some gems!

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Aw this is so cute! I love the way you did the magic!

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I’ve been stuck with both great art and nostalgia

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That video brings back memories

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I love so much!! ❤❤

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Oooh. This is nice.

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this gives me nostalgia

I have to admit that's cute. Excellent artwork.

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Oh wow! It's been months since I've last listened to that song.

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A Minecraft VR Date actually sounds really fun. This version just happens to also be really adorable.

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Man I haven't seen a reference to this in forever! This was literally one of the first pony videos I ever watched, and seeing this makes me very happy! Great work!

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Do you hear a hissing sound? EXPLOSION

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🎶Don’t mine at night🎶

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This is so nostalgic! <3

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They say you shouldn't mine at night, but that's actually the perfect time for it. More zombies, creepers, etc. spawning on the surface means fewer ones spawning down below.

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Don't mine at night-

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rw:Dont Mine at Night ^_^ love that song.^_^

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