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Steampunk ScootaBot

Lel! The PSD file reached 831Mb by the time I was done. XD

Limited Edition Steampunk ScootaBot! Woohoo.
Now Steampunk FlutterBot has a sister. XP

DA user Scootabyte :iconscootabyte: made wallpaper sizes for this piece for anyone who wants to Use it.
I thank thee. XD


Limited Edition Steampunk ScootaBot WIP by SymbianL

Limited Edition Steampunk-esque Flutter Bot by SymbianLAurora Bot by SymbianLDashie Bot Mode Transitions GIF by SymbianL


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Honestly I can't find anything I dislike from this drawing, well thought out, adorable, I like how the eyes are empty to show that Scootaloo is a steam punk robot and she uses essentially camera lenses to see. The back ground looks very good and all in all this is very good. I see this being a think along with SweetieBot and several other things. Now I'm just killing time trying to reach my minimum characters I can write also I can't think of anything else really, but in all I really like this amazing drawing, it looks like you spent time on it.
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Steampunk Scootaloo is best Scootaloo
Need Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, other than that bravo.
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There's already SweetieBot All that's left is Apple Bot. :3
I am hoping for Steampunk bots.
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I love your steampunk ones especially. The just have a ton of details that makes them look awesome.
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Your pony bots are so cute, I just knew a Scutealoo bot would work well.

I compliment the adorably of your work and I mean it. I'm going to make a top list of adorable pony styles and yours will be on it.
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Ooh yes! Scootaloo should be steampunkified to the max.
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Scoot! Wow, that looks good!
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I want a Scootabot.
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Scootabot is so adorable! :)
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Yay! The Scootabot is here!
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Need I start on how awesome this is?!
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Can she fly tho?  :-0
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With the cape she looks like a superhero.
Was listening to this when I saw the picture.
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Well that looks cool!
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That looks amazing! One of my favorite bots so far. I like the cape too :P
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I very much like the Steampunk bots.  This is just awesome!
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