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+Fredson V. locked me in a jail cell and told me I couldn't leave till I draw this for +Veerle Van Merwijk.
Lel XD Just kidding. She asked me to draw this to release on the 15th, which is today. ^_^

otanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu!

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AWWW This is so cute! i love this picture. I really like your steam pun stle. Its cool! i really like the background in this picture, or even more than the background those little dots floating around. They make the picture look very cool like little stars are floating across it. Those details are very good. besides the wings (which are really pretty looking) This pony reminds me a bit of apple bloom and its really cute (like I said earlier) You are never one to disappoint with shading and greatness down to the smallest detail. Over all great job again and keep up the good work.
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Oh wait, that's not Scootalo, ignore my idiocy please.
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It's ok. With the way her hair is, I'm not surprised. XD
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Nice, you made another come back with another amazingly drawn clock work Scootaloo!
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Thanks! It is adorable! ^^
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Aww, so adorable. :heart:
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Why thank yee :3
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You're welcoooome.
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I love the ears.
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Yus! I like them too. XD
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Awwwww!!!!!!!!!!! How cute!!!!!!!!
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Glad ya like it ^_^
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I really do!!!
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Thought it was the 14th.
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It depends on which region of the world he lives in. :)
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soooooooooooooo cute :DDDDD  #5 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) 
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